Revamping Your Brand: Signs You Need New Product Packaging

An integral part of your brand’s identity is the product packaging you use. Some business owners fail to realize just how important an effective product design can be until it is too late. Understanding that your product packaging design will have to evolve over time. Failing to update and change this design will lead to your product sales become stagnant and interest in your brand will wane. If you are unsure about how to properly update your packaging, then working with professionals in this industry is a must. The following are some of the signs you may notice when a new product packaging design is needed.

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Retailers Are Calling You About Low Sales

If you are the owner of a business that sales products in a retail space, you know just how valuable the shelf space can be. The owner of a retail establishment has to be very stern when it comes to getting rid of products that just aren’t performing well. When you start getting calls from retailers telling you about how low your sales are in their store, then it is time to make a change. Often times, a boring and bland packaging design will be to blame for stagnant retail sales growth. Failing to take action once you receive this information from a retail can lead to your bottom line taking a big hit.

Your Graphics are Outdated

Does your existing product packaging look like something out of a 1980s infomercial? Trying to sell modern customers on product packaging that is clearly outdated can be a futile effort. Modern consumers demand that brands provide them with sleek and easy to use packaging. Instead of ignoring your outdated packaging design, you have to do something about it quickly. Performing a bit of market research will provide you with some great ideas regarding how to make your packaging better. Taking a look at what your competitor is doing is a fantastic way to get the creative juices flowing. While you want to avoid directly copying your competitor, taking a few cues from them regarding packaging designs is imperative.

The Cost of Your Existing Packaging Has Increased Substantially

For most business owners, finding a way to cut costs is a main concern. You need to check things like the cost of your existing product packaging when trying to find a way to add more to your bottom line. If the packaging you are using is costing you a small fortune, then some modern upgrades may be just what you need. Technological advancements within the product packaging world has led to the cost of things like shrink labels and digital printing to become quite low. Implementing these cost-effective methods into your existing packaging can help you drive down the cost without sacrificing the appeal your products have. Doing a bit of research is essential when trying to find the best deal on the product packaging services you need.

Competitors Are Changing Their Packaging

One of the most tried and true methods of reinvigorating the public’s interest in a particular brand is changing up packaging. Are your competitors changing up their product packaging? If so, you need to avoid being left in the dust. Taking some time to figure out how to make your product packaging better and more appealing is a great way to keep up with the competition. While it may cost a bit of money and time to come up with a new packaging design, the long-term benefits this change can provide make it well worth the investment.

Expansion of Your Product Line

Have you recently expanded your product line? This is an indication that you should probably change the packaging on your existing products. Informing customers about new products is an essential part of expanding your customer base. Failing to update your packaging will make it very hard to have success with new products your company is putting out. Working with the right design professionals will allow you to get a new package produced and implemented in no time at all.

Ignoring the warning signs that new product packaging is needed can cause a lot of problems. Keeping up with the trends in your industry is a great way to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to your packaging.


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