Council issues Christmas tips to stay safe over festive period

Local residents are being warned to keep their homes safe from would be grinches ready to spoil their Christmas festivities.

The Council has written to 6,600 residents across the borough with useful tips to combat the increase in burglaries and bike thefts which come during darker nights and over the holidays.

Residents are being advised to keep their homes safe by:

  • Locking doors, windows, garages and sheds even if you are just popping next door;
  • Installing locks on all windows that are British Standard;
  • Installing motion light sensors outside your property, gardens and side entrances;
  • Putting internal lights on a timer if you’re going to be away in the evenings or on holiday;
  • Installing a burglar alarm;
  • Registering new electronic items on immobilise.com and marking other valuables with UV pens;
  • Securing your garage and shed Items: regularly targeted are bikes, tools and garden furniture;
  • Securing your garages and sheds with a high quality lock on the doors;
  • Locking away tools & garden equipment as they can be used to break into your property;
  • Using a hardened steel D-shaped lock for your bike. Secure it to an immovable object in your shed/garage;
  • Making sure your bike is recorded and registered on Bikeregister.com,
  • Installing a shed alarm to alert you to anyone trying to gain entry and;
  • Keeping ladders locked away or chained up.

Cllr Mark Boyle, Cabinet member for Community Safety said:

“Whilst we live in one of the safest boroughs in London, following these tips will make your property even safer and ensure your Christmas isn’t spoiled by would be thieves. 

“Across the borough 16% of all burglaries were defined as insecure, where most commonly windows or backdoors were left open or sheds and garages have been left unsecured. Taking steps to keep your home and belongings secure will be sure you don’t get a nasty shock this holiday season.”


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