The Eden Eyre Fairy Project

As mentioned in our previous posts, Teddington Town are looking to help out local charities and good causes and that’s why we’re hoping to raise awareness for the Eden Eyre Fairy Project.

They’re a great cause and are registered and supported by The Bradley Lowery Foundation and they need just £37,805 to reach their target but they have just over 2 months to reach it.

Here’s their story in the words of  Natasha, Eden’s Aunt, who is heading the campaign.

Eden was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma cancer on the 6th July 2017, when she was just 2 years of age. It has been an absolutely devastating and traumatic time for us as a family and unfortunately, our battle continues to become harder.

Our nightmare began back last Summer when we endured 2 horrific months of our sparkly, energetic & happy little girl basically becoming a shell of her former self. Her appetite went, she didn’t sleep, there were endless tears & lifeless hours spent laying motionless & complaints of pain. After constant missed diagnosis’s and being told it was constipation and throat infections- one Doctor eventually felt she needed to be seen in A&E.

It was very quickly after several scans & tests that we were to receive the soul destroying news that every parent dreads… “I’m afraid your child has Cancer”.


We were then given the heartbreaking news that our tiny 2 year old daughter was growing a 15cm tumour that was rapidly attacking her innocent little body.

Over the next several months, our lives changed completely. We both had to leave our full time jobs to manage Eden’s care and her baby sister, Willow. We also became homeless as we had been in the process of moving to Nottingham for a new life when this nightmare began, so we had given up the lease of our family home.

Eden spent the majority of time staying at Great Ormond Street for long periods where she endured endless weeks of blood transfusions, scans, weight loss, sleep deprivation, hair loss, injections, chemotherapy, etc.


It was then that we were dealt with the horrifying news that this particular form of aggressive childhood cancer has an 82% chance of returning within the first 2 months of finishing treatment.

This fact is horrifying but the sad truth & as a family, we are determined to do everything possible to minimise this from happening.

There is a vaccination called Bivalant that is only available in America. The cost of this treatment is a massive estimated £200,000. This will cover all medical costs.

We have until the end of Summer to raise this money to get Eden to America in time for this life saving treatment… but we desperately need help!

During the next few months we will be running different fundraising events and charity days to try to reach our target. There will be raffles, auctions and fun days taking place.

Would you possibly be able to donate anything at all or help us in any way? We are literally begging for your help to get our little lady to America and we will be forever grateful to you.


Please find Eden’s story & updates on our Facebook page: 






To make a donation:


Just Giving donation page:





TEXT EDEN02 (£amount) to 70070




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