How to set up your tech for cross-platform use

Even if you consider yourself a local business that doesn’t extend beyond the boundaries of Teddington, Twickenham or even Hounslow, there is still a need for not only all your tech to work together, but also for your customers to be able to have access wherever they are.

It’s not even just businesses that would benefit from this cross-platform technology. Knowing that all your devices can work wherever you are should give you great peace of mind at one end of the spectrum – and simply make your life easier on a more basic level.

What is meant by cross-platform?

When you are able to use your computer software on a number of different systems and devices, it is known as cross-platform. Being able to run your apps and workflows without any special preparations every time you change computer is obviously beneficial and makes for much more efficient use of your time.

Good for everyone

It should be obvious that if you are not wasting time with your different services being unable to communicate with each other, then you can get on with your work at hand. But just think how frustrating it must be for other people to have to repeat processes, going over the same thing just to get to an outcome that would be so much quicker if your tech was set up for cross-platform use. The best thing is that cross-platform capability is really not all that difficult to implement.

Using APIs

APIs – or application programing interfaces – are vital for the communication between devices to work. By downloading APIs into your software, you can create apps that ensure that you – or your business – is compatible with many platforms, such as Mac, Windows or Linux. A quick search for the API you need can make everything work as one, and optimises the time you spend getting your message out to the people who you need it to reach.


So far, we have seen how setting up tech for cross-platform use can benefit your business or customers, but applying this kind of software is good for you even once you’ve stopped trying to make it big in this corner of southwest London. If you enjoy playing games online, for example, you can access your favourites on one platform – and then discover all the latest promotions for Stakers on another – and change between the two without having to repeat yourself. This way, you can just get on with the serious business of relaxing.

A little bit of know-how

Ultimately, you just need to know which software needs to be implemented to ensure that your tech becomes fully cross-platform. If you need help, take a look at the business section of the site and get in touch with a local expert. Just because you are extending your technology use to a wider world doesn’t mean that you can’t help local businesses at the same time!


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