Local primary schools expected to top national league tables

Pupils attending primary schools in Richmond upon Thames are expected to top the national league tables yet again following publication of the 2018 Key Stage 2 (SATs) results. 

The results show that the borough has scored well above the national average in nearly all areas with 87% of pupils achieving the expected standard in reading, 87% in writing, 88% in mathematics, whilst 80% did so in reading, writing and mathematics combined.

The borough also had a large proportion of pupils achieving the higher standard, with 47 % of pupils in reading, 30 % in writing, 42 % in mathematics and 20 % in all three subjects combined doing so.

Cllr Penny Frost, Cabinet Member for Schools on Richmond Council, said:

“These results show that yet again our primary schools are excelling – building on our high results last year. It demonstrates that despite difficult financial circumstances, our schools are showing both first class standards and a commitment to continue to do the best for every pupil.

“My congratulations go to the pupils, teaching staff and governors for their achievements with improvements having been made in every area.”


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