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Carluccio’s latest Teddington High Street Victim

The Teddington community was thrilled that Teddington Lights Up was given last minute reprieve after much will it/won’t it speculation. The weather was perfect, the high street thronged with families, pet dogs, live reindeer delighted everyone and the lights sparkled. Thank you to everyone who’s efforts and donations helped make it happen. It was a fabulous evening and true testimony to our great town, its residents and how blessed we are to live in such a fab place.

Teddington Lights Up is one special evening each year but, ironically, for the rest of the year many of our treasured retailers, independent and chains alike, are being suffocated by unscrupulously greedy landlords and rising business rates.  The High Street has lost three banks, Bed City, Gift shops, Vintage shops, Curiosity shops, Jewellery shops –  I must be the last person to have heard that Carluccio’s will be closing on 23rd December. Like many, I am mortified. Carluccio’s staff have consistently offered an excellent and authentic Italian feel, standard of food and service.

Teddington residents’ are a passionate lot with tremendous affection and pride in our home town. We can’t continue to allow this rampant rising rates disease keep taking hold on our High Street. We all have a voice – starting here on the Teddington Town community website. We’re asking you all to post/send us your comments, thoughts and concerns and be heard across our social channels, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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