Huge success for Champion Aerobics Gymnastics Club

Champion Aerobics Gymnastics Club, based in Teddington, have had an amazing year.

In October, nine of their gymnasts earned their space in the Great Britain squad (along with their head coach, who is also a National team coach, Christina Fossheim) after a very successful British Championships. All gymnasts competed at a very high level in The Plovdiv World Cup in Bulgaria. Well done Elena Hamblin, Lurda Anedinovaite, Amber Jennings, Chloe Thornton, Telleah Beaumont, Lulu Sargent, Thalia Barrett, Ava Cherrington and Rosie Parr.

More recently seventeen Champion gymnasts competed at The Klaipeda Open in Lithuania and won medals in every category.

Angel Kazakov clinched gold in the senior men’s category. There were also gold medals for Eric Deli and Lulu Sargent in the pairs and Eric also won an individual gold and Lulu a bronze.

Elena claimed silver in the 15-17 age group, whilst Maddison Cater, Scarlett Cater, Eva Tillet, Natalie Pienio, and Anna- Maria Belstoyneva competed in their first International Competition and won bronze in the 9-11 category. In the same age range Rosie Parr, Ava Cherrington and Thalia Barrett won bronze in their trio.

In the 12-14 group, Guilia Burcus gave a beautiful performance to finish in bronze.

Elena Hamblin scored an International personal best to finish in silver position. Well done also to Amey Oliver, Chloe Thornton and Amber Jennings.

Alongside the hard work, the children also enjoyed a shopping trip and ice-skating.

If you are interested in Gymnastics and fancy trying a new discipline which combines dance with gymnastics, please contact Christina Fossheim, head coach New starters are always welcome.

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