5 Latest Car Parking Technologies to End All Your Traffic Problems

Have you ever had to experience the headache of finding a parking spot? Just like every other industry, the car parking industry has also evolved. The number of cars on the road determines the industrialization of cities. Increase in demand for the vehicles has caused mass traffic on roads everywhere. It is also due to the lack of car parking facilities and transportation infrastructure.

This generation needs an efficient and reliable system where you don’t have to manually search for vacant spaces, bargain for parking fee, and there is a properly managed space. A smart parking system can help you find a parking space near you, enabling you to secure it from afar. Smart and Intelligent parking systems are the result of new planning and creative technologies. Some of the recent car parking technology advancements are:

●        Parking Guidance and Information System (PGIS)

●        Automated Parking System

●        E-parking

●        Vehicle Detection Technology

●        Smart Payment System

●        Multi-level Car Parking System

Parking Guidance and Information System (PGIS):

PGIS is the latest development in car parking technology. It works within a parking garage and in the entire city. The parking guidance and information system (PGIS) can help you locate a vacant parking space. It works in a way where it will direct you to the areas that will have low occupancy of vehicles. Green sign shows that there is space available, whereas red denotes the unavailability of space.

PGIS helps the car owners not only to park but return to their vehicles by directing towards it. Several developed countries like USA, Japan, the UK and various other countries of Europe are already using this technology. PGIS has reduced extra time on roads finding a parking spot, making it better for the surroundings and environment as well.

Automated Parking System:

Automated Parking system has reduced the effort of man while parking. It has also minimized the amount of required space by utilizing the available area to its fullest. Advance parking equipment is used to move a vehicle, parallel park, or reverse park. The drivers or car owners need to bring the car to the bay, lock it, and leave the rest to the automated parking system.

They use a computer system which regulates machines responsible for taking the car and then parking them in the vacant spaces. It saves your time and makes the process efficient as the machines are precise in their work. The ceilings are shortened, and there is no staircase to increase the area. It allows them to make more floors in the parking garage as no pedestrian is allowed inside. This system has been geared with safety features and measures to ensure safe parking and retrieving of the vehicle. 


New innovative ideas are replacing the old ones. All fields of work are digitilized now. Automated system in parking includes the E-parking system as well. You can access the area where you are trying to find a parking spot on your mobile phones via the internet. It sends requests in advance to the car parking places to make reservations. The place can accept or reject depending upon the availability. The drivers put in the time of arrival and at what time they will probably leave. E-parking system helps in knowing what time the place will be vacant for other people to reserve it later on.

Vehicle Detection Technology:

The ability to detect vehicles allows to controlling traffic and resources effectively. There are two types of vehicle detection technologies; indoor and outdoor. While implementing this technology, you have to keep in mind the range proximity, risk management, and safety of the environment. The different types of vehicle detection technologies commonly used are:

●        Infrared Detectors

●        Ultrasonic Detectors

●        Photoelectric

●        Inductive Loop Detectors

●        Video Image Processors

●        Magnetic Detectors

●        Acceleration Detectors

This technology helps detect any vehicle coming around from a curve. While parking, it helps to know how many automobiles are inside and which places are free.

Smart Payment System:

The smart payment system is part of the smart parking system. Paying the parking ticket has always been a hassle. Sometimes you don’t have a change or cash on yourself. Just like finding a parking spot has been made easier through E-parking; similarly, payment for the parking ticket has been made easier. With the smart parking payment system, you can now pay through the chip containing credit or debit cards. The improvised payment system can accept your card and deduct parking fee. In turn, it has lowered the expense of ticketing staff as well.


New automated methods have replaced old conventional methods. The developments in car parking technology are less time consuming, save energy, and decrease pollution. On the other hand, the parking business is improving with more reliability on machines and less on human errors. 


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