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The 5 Romantic Things to Do in Teddington for Couples

Situated in the affluent south-west of the United Kingdom’s capital city, Teddington is a bustling area which is renowned for its choice of upmarket shopping, trendy bars, and excellent restaurants. If you happen to be visiting Greater London and fancy trying out something a bit different to the familiar but overcrowded tourist traps nearer the center, this district has so much to offer couples. So if you met someone on a site like this and planning a romantic break, what are five of the most recommended activities in Teddington?

Soak up the artefacts at the British Museum

What better way to start off your date in Teddington then head over to the British Museum, an institution dedicated to history, culture and art? You and your partner can browse through around 8 million artifacts. It would be impossible to focus on singular aspects of this sprawling collection as there is so much to experience. Tag along with the 6,000,000 other annual visitors and make up your own minds!

Go for a romantic stroll through Richmond Park

Covering 955 hectares of splendid wild gardens and secluded wooded areas, Richmond Park was first created by King Charles I in the 1600s, as a deer park. Amongst its modern facilities there’s a golf course used during the Olympic Games in 1948, and more recently in 2012. This is a stunningly romantic location for couples to stroll through, and if you’re lucky you might still be able to catch a glimpse of furtive deer between the trees. There are also numerous ponds and streams which make for an ideal backdrop to your relaxing day out.

Picnic by the River Thames at Teddington Lock Bridge

London straddles the mighty River Thames, and the more iconic vision of this river is the moment it meanders to the center of the metropolis, weaving through the iconic spans of Tower Bridge and its neighbors. But if you are visiting Teddington with your significant other, you’ll get a much more relaxing viewpoint of this waterway if you head over to Teddington Lock. Marking the tidal limit of the Thames estuary, this suspension bridge is the ideal background for a picnic by its banks. The structure can accommodate barges and even passenger ferries, so as you spread out your picnic rug to enjoy your refreshments, you can watch boats of all sizes drifting by as you soak up the romantic atmosphere.

Tour the iconic Wembley Stadium

Since opening in 2007, Wembley Stadium has continued the longstanding tradition as England’s foremost sporting hub. As well as hosting home matches by top London football club Tottenham Hotspur, it is the seat of England’s international matches. The capacity fluctuates depending on what is actually being played here, as it has hosted everything from football to rugby, boxing to American football, not to mention pop concerts. You can book yourself onto a tour of this fabulous facility, taking in the grandeur of the vast stadium and then taking advantage of the catering.

Experience the stately splendor of Hampton Court Palace

Formerly the residence of several kings of England and later the UK, from the controversial Henry VIII to King George II, this splendid royal palace is well worth a visit. You and your partner can stroll through its magnificent Tudor and Baroque architecture, imagining the scenes as courtiers and royal advisers plotted behind these very walls. Many of this magnificent building’s most attractive features lie outside its stately walls, with eye-catching gardens stretching towards Middlesex. Take in the renowned real tennis court, and depending on when you plan your romantic break, you might be able to enjoy the fabulous Hampton Court Palace Flower Show.

Article written by Robert Oldman


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