How to Cut Those Huge Energy Bills

What is a bit of rain in Great Britain? Mate, you are used to this unpredictable weather even in the midst of summer! It will be sunny again and you will be enjoying its warmth whilst working on your tan. The icing on the cake is that you are saving some precious quid on your heating bills. No complaints from us either! Enjoy this time while you can as it flies super fast. The cold winter months will be here soon, and you will be firing up your boiler to make sure that your home is warm enough whilst paying those high bills. Here are a few tips how you can save money on your energy bills without breaking your bank:

Heat up a warm bottle of water

Get your water bottle out and heat it up at the same time as boiling your water for a nice cup of tea. By doing this, you will not need to fill your kettle more than once and will save your time as well. Brilliant, is it not? Just hold it close to you and there will be no need for you to fire up the heater as well as your expenses bills.

Switch your heating service provider

As the heading denotes, just do a bit of research in the energy market. This way you will know who will offer you the best deal and you can maximise your savings. This could go up to hundreds of pounds if you are able to find the right service provider. Not bad, right?

Buy a high end oil for your boiler

If you are anything like us, your boiler will be your most precious possession – especially during winters. Were you aware that there are four million households in the United Kingdom that possess oil boilers? These babies are not connected to the national gas network. If you are one of these oil boiler owners, you may want to know which the best kinds of oil is to utilise.

Did you know that there are two kinds of oils you could use? These include gas oil and kerosene. Kerosene oil comes with fans as it has a lighter and cleaner fuel. It will not form into crystals that will interfere with the movement of oil within the boiler. Getting a high end type of kerosene oil will facilitate your boiler’s efficiency as it will burn effectually. By spending twenty to thirty pounds, you could save a lot of money on your heating bill.  Another way to protect yourself is to get some boiler insurance.

Cook a delicious meal

Craving some fish and chips? No better time than the winter we say! Moving around your kitchen and staying close to your stove will keep both you and your house warm. Plus you will not only save money on your heating bills but you will save extra quid by eating at home as well.

Invest in underfloor insulation

If you reside in a property that was built a few decades ago with suspended floors, then your heat probably emits itself from your floors. Heard of underfloor insulation? You may want to check if your property comes with it. If not, then the time has come to invest in it. My friend, you see, these newly constructed properties come equipped with polystyrene insulation a few inches under the surface of the concrete floor. If you live in one, that’s great! However, just in case, if you are dwelling in an older property, then just add an insulating layer. What material, you ask? You can go for fibreboard or polyfoam application under the floor covering or the carpet. Got a hatch underneath your flooring? Get under there and install it yourself. However, keep in mind that you should know the technical know-how of doing this as you do not want to mess anything up.

Layer up

Take out your favourite sweater, socks, jacket and pyjamas and get into them! Layer up, layer up and layer up! When you are warm and cosy, go into your kitchen and fire up your kettle. Make yourself a nice hot cup of tea and drink it whilst watching your favourite television show or reading a good book whilst curled up on the sofa. If you really feel cold, just adorn a blanket over yourself so you can save on your heating bills whilst enjoying a comfortable evening within your own home.

Don’t open the doors

Keeping your door open in the midst of winter is a huge no no! You will be letting in that cold wintery air and no wonder you will be freezing. Then, as you shiver and feel cold, you will want to increase the heating temperature, hence increasing your bills. Why do this to yourself when you can save by just simply shutting the doors? Also, another recommendation is to keep your windows closed as that will also keep the cold gusts out.

Double and triple glazed windows

Windows that are double or triple glazed are a huge, huge blessing. Their functional purpose is to trap the heat within the property and not let it out. It will protect you from cranking up the heating to maintain a proper, cosy temperature within your home. Extra benefit? You will block out the noisy streets outside and not suffer from any noise pollution.

Look after your boiler

Get your boiler serviced annually by a proper technician to maximise its lifecycle. This way you will also make sure it is running efficiently and not cranking up your heating bills for no reason. If your boiler is more than twelve years old, then you may want to consider trashing that and investing in a new one. Just go to the market and study the new boiler models. The salesman will be more than happy to assist you and guide you in your choice. You will also learn just how energy efficient they are compared to older models. It could take your breath away!

Written by: Steven Hawk

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