Tips on Managing Costs When Buying a New Boiler

Procuring a brand new boiler is no easy feat. In fact, some would say it’s a huge decision to make as it involves incurring some major financial costs. Clearly, your old boiler has conked out and that’s why you have decided to search and acquire a new one. It’s a great move as you will save a lot of money on your energy bills in the long-run – but may feel tight on your wallet at the beginning. After all, it is one of the biggest single expenses you will incur as a resident and homeowner of the United Kingdom. Let’s get started!

Price of a new boiler

The sale price of a new boiler is reliant on the brand, type (system, combi or conventional) and size that you decide to go for.

Are you familiar with Which? magazine? This publication ranked three hundred and seventy boilers ranging from Baxi, Vaillant, Viessman to Worcestor Bosch. The cost spectrum is quite diverse – it starts out from six hundred pounds and goes up to two thousand and four hundred pounds. Now, just because a piece of equipment is highly priced- it does not mean that it is the best quality on the market. You can enjoy better rates whilst still obtaining a high quality boiler.

What you need to do is scour the market and check out reviews on your preferred choices of boilers. This will help you understand how to get the best value of your money whilst not spending an arm and a leg. You can also get a quote from your installer to get both the boiler and its installation quote together.

Types of boilers

The law in the United Kingdom requires that every boiler installed in its local households be a condensing one. Condenser boilers come with bigger heat exchangers and use latent heat as fuel. This is released into the environment and helps maximise energy efficiency. Reduce your carbon footprint and grants you savings on energy bills.

Ultimately, there are 3 primary categories of condensing gas boilers: system boilers, combi boilers and traditional ones.

System Boilers

Does your apartment or home have more than one bathroom? That’s great because a system boiler may just be perfect for you. The good part is that it does not need a water tank but only a hot water storage cylinder. Since the majority of its parts are already built internally, the installation will be relatively simple.

Traditional boilers

These kind of boilers are equipped with both a water storage tank and a cylinder. If your property has a big heating system already installed – then this may be a smart option for you. No adjustments will have to be made to your current piping system.

Combi boilers

These are considered to be the price-friendliest option in terms of boilers for most properties. These boilers can control central heating as well as give you hot water. It’s the preferred choice for eco-friendly inhabitants of the UK. It warms up water right from the mains and will give you unrestricted access to warm water whenever you switch on a tap. As it does not function on the basis of a water tank nor a cylinder, you will be able to save some serious space at home and reduce your boiler installation time. These are also considered to be one of the top A-rated boilers in the market due to their energy efficiency. You will save a lot on your energy bills as well. No wonder people tend to favour this type of boiler!

Cost of boiler installation

The actual expense involved in installing a boiler will fluctuate based on the type of parts, volume of work required, where you reside and whom you bring in to do the actual job. Which? Magazine quoted numbers ensembled by the Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors that the cost of boiler installation can range from almost one thousand five hundred pounds to approximately five hundred and forty pounds. The latter price may hold for a simple, direct replacement of a combi boiler in the same location as the previous one whilst the former cost is a more complicated installation of a whole new combi system in a different position than its predecessor.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind when saving or planning for a new boiler installation is that you may require a new mechanical flush of your entire heating system which would cost you five hundred and ten quid or a chemical flush which would leave you two hundred pounds shorter than before. If you need your pipes to be moved, then it can be an additional two or three hundred pounds.

When you put all these numbers together, a boiler installation cost can vary from over a thousand to four thousand pounds.

That’s where we come in and advise you on how to save some of your preciously hard earned money.

Ways to save on boiler cost and installation

As suggested earlier in this article, you need to check out different boilers that fit in your fiscal parameters. Take a look around various shops as well as at online retailers to understand just how price differentials work in different topographical regions.

As far as where installation of the boiler is concerned, start by asking energy entities such as British Gas for a quote and also get independent servicers to come on board. These traders may charge you significantly less as compared to energy companies. It’s worth taking a look! Check out the Competent Person RegisterSNIPEFWorcester Bosch or the Heating and Hotwater Industry Council as they’ll enlist authentic, certified boiler installers whose quality and service you can trust.

Since you will be investing a significant amount of your time and energy in searching for boilers, you will want to make sure that not only do you get the best alternative in the market as per your price and budget – but that you are able to sustain it for a long, long time as well. It is highly advised that you invest in boiler insurance when you obtain a new boiler. Click here to find out more. We wish you the best of luck in your boiler hunt!

Written by Steven Hawk


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