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22 Tips on How to Become Better Than You Are

The desire to work on yourself is completely normal. If you don’t think about how to become better than you are, you can lose a lot. Actually, we all well know our weak and strong traits and what we need to work on, etc. But to become better is, first of all, a rejection of those patterns of behavior because of which we harm our lives and those of others. But there is a joyful part of it: you can become better in a month and a half. It is during this time that strong new neural connections form, and we begin to understand how to become better. 

Watch your influence on others 

Everything we do or say has consequences. Even strangers are negatively affected. For example, if you are scandalous in public places, pour out anger at a cashier or make loud noised with your car. People around you will then be more likely to pour out their negativity on their own victims, which will end up being a continuous cycle. Over time, the overall stress turns into a snowball. 

Try to be polite even to those who treat you badly. So you can not only change the attitude of others around you but also not give them the opportunity to demonstrate their negative qualities. Who will pour out their anger if they are treated with respect? 

Think before you say anything 

Many people really suffer from unfair and offensive words. Is it really necessary to say something offensive to a child who has done something wrong? A colleague who has little experience? A husband who does not understand something simply because he is a man? What if they told you that? Many wise people were therefore considered wise because, under the influence of strong emotions, they didn’t tell anyone bad things. Appreciate and weigh each word; give yourself time to think. 

Help other people 

Any help is simply good for those who need it. This will make you better not only for those whom you have helped but also for yourself. It’s just that over time you will feel like a good person. Think of everyone who needs you. You can give old things and toys to the shelter, take part in collecting gifts for orphans or just make someone else’s day a bit better. 

Use your talents 

Moreover, develop them. Do not think that this is just a hobby. Who knows a when talent that you possess can come in handy. And simply speaking, life without new experiences will become dull. Seeking new experiences will help you meet new people in your life. If you are interested in Ukraine ladies dating, then this is something that you should remember. 

Working on weaknesses 

Excessive self-criticism is not good and generally indicates a dislike for oneself. This, however, does not mean that you need to let your development drift and not work on your weaknesses. You can ask relatives or friends about what you should work on the most. But only if you are sure that you are not envied. You can create a plan to work on each of them with specific time frames. 

Spiritual Development 

Meditations and prayers are exactly what will help personal growth. People whose lives have a spiritual side are more balanced and satisfied with their lives. In addition, meditation and prayers will help in developing your best qualities – responsibility, sanity, and will. 

Taking care of yourself 

It is typical for women to forget about their needs, as they are absorbed in caring for the family. In addition, reluctance to take care of oneself often arises as a result of stress, low self-esteem, and family problems. You cannot do it this way. And yet – if you pay attention to your own appearance and health, then you will have respect for the needs of loved ones. 

Appreciate those around you 

Do not take people and everything that they do for granted. Be grateful to the subordinates who work for you, the wife who daily prepares goodies, the friend who does not forget about your birthday, and indeed, to all the people who make your life much more convenient: these are cleaners, hairdressers, and cooks. Thank these people with a compliment, a box of chocolates, a gift… 

Control over your thoughts 

Think in a positive way and remove the negative thoughts, imagine only the good. The Universe is not good or bad – it is what you make it be. We accumulate positive energy. 

Get rid of your debts 

Try to pay out all of your debts in two or three months. Get rid of everything that you owe to other people, complete all of the tasks that you are facing. 

Remember all your promises 

And follow them. Create a list and work on it. First come the promises that you gave to those closest to you, then the past promises or those that await your actions the most. 

Read the literature 

Surely you made a list of those books that you wanted to read this year. Instead, probably spend free evenings playing computer games or at the bar. Still, reading will help more to become a better version of yourself. 

Love yourself 

Yes, as they are. You may not love your body or face, but let’s think about it for a second – if you didn’t have these hated bushy eyebrows, then it would not be you. This means that you need to please yourself and treat yourself: take holidays and weekends, travel, make a bath with aromatic oil, do the things you always wanted to do. 

Enjoy the conversation 

Just meet friends more often and find a reason to do it more frequently, visit some clubs based on interests and hobbies, and organize parties and meetups. Look for new friends, introduce people, and participate in connecting lonely hearts. 

Eat right 

This is clear evidence that you love yourself, and secondly, it helps to become a better version of yourself. Before you get tired of healthy food, your waist, hair, and skin will already change for the better. 

Stop being afraid of new experiences 

Always try something new. Look for clubs of interest, get involved in a new sport or dance, try to sing in a choir… So you will also meet new people and perhaps discover new talents that you have. 

Chat with interesting and smart people 

Look for interesting and smart friends, attend those parties and events that interest you and those about which you know nothing. So you will definitely become better, and you will certainly make many useful acquaintances on your way. 

Be yourself 

Do not copy anyone. Many admire you, and this is a reason to love yourself. 

Replenish the vocabulary 

Every day is a new word. Also, learn a new language or make a language that you already know stronger. This will not only help to achieve success but also develop your level of intelligence. 

Live without fear 

If anything, success is also outside the notorious comfort zone. By indulging in fears, we lose the opportunity to live as we would like. Yes, don’t be afraid of failures either – you have the right to them, really. 

Decide what you want from life 

Let it be a mission or a goal, but you must do something every day in order to come to it faster. 

Set an example for yourself 

But not in order to create an idol or imitate this person. It can be not only a movie star who made their dreams come true but also just a positively-minded neighbor or a friend who manages to do everything they plan on doing. Think about how these people became just like that and move in that direction. You only live once. So just enjoy your experiences – both positive and negative ones. 

Written by Aleksander Pichkur


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