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How to Increase Your Chances of Running a Lucrative Online Charity Raffle

Running a profitable charity lottery is tricky. Even trickier if you’re running it alone without a team of charity raffle providers or skills in planning an online charity raffle aimed at increasing supporter base.

The same charity lottery that earns other charities income can fail to launch or keep your supporters smiling because of one reason: lack of proper planning. Running a lucrative online raffle campaign takes commitment, confidence, and a plan.

A clear roadmap is needful for an online charity raffle to take flight 

Unless you’re well prepared to handle planning ahead of time, attaining your income goals will be futile if not difficult. But the good news is, there’s a solution. And it includes acquiring licenses, crafting a plan, choosing an ideal raffle platform, writing content, and a clear marketing strategy.

Put simply, you need a well-defined roadmap before your charity raffle can achieve noticeable success. It’s the same as preparing a meal. You need a plan in the form of a recipe – riddled with the right ingredients – showing you how exactly to well prepare the meal.

Great strategies will set you up for a successful online campaign 

Charities hell-bent on running a profitable online charity raffle are often unsure on whether they need a license or not. Even if they knew, many have zero clues on where to acquire licensing from.

It’s a fact that you need a license to run a charity raffle online. However, it depends on the charity raffle you want to run. There are a plethora of online raffles including commercial and non-commercial raffles, customer raffles, draw raffles, private society raffles, etc.

Decide on which of these raffles you want to run then acquire a license for it. Doing so will set you up for the next step, which is crafting a proper plan. Want to increase supporter base and keep supporters happy? Then plan your income goals, mission, and target. It’s that simple.

But a good plan is only good on paper. You must actualize the plan. Put it into action. After that, choose a platform for your charity raffle (it’s online for us). A traditional charity lottery is profitable, that’s true. But an online charity lottery is more lucrative. It has a wider reach, engages numbers of supporters in seconds, and quickly achieves income goals without a struggle.

So you’ve acquired a license to run a charity raffle, crafted a plan, hand-picked online as the ideal platform, now the next step is to create appealing content to woo supporters to fund your charity. You can either hire someone to write content for you – a good idea. Or take it upon yourself to write.

The latter option is slow and frustrating if you’re new with words. Last of all, market your content like wildfire. Use proven social media tools to market content, and you’ll be home and dry. With a great strategy, you’ll have a profitable online raffle campaign. Increase your income twofold even.


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