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How Tennis Players Can Channel Their Competitive Streak

Everyone has a natural competitive side. Without it, we possibly wouldn’t be as successful as we are today. Each one of us gets our competitive fix through different areas, but the biggest one is through sport.

Tennis is a sport that requires a high amount of competitiveness. The stronger our competitive streak is, the more we can encourage ourselves to play harder and train much more effectively than the other player or players.

If you feel you aren’t quite as competitive as you should be when out on the tennis courts, and want to channel your inner competitive side, read on. Here is some inspiration on ways to become more competitive on the courts:  

Set Yourself Goals

Without goals, you’ll never have anything to work for. In the world of tennis, it’s important to constantly keep your eye on the ball and be in control of it. Tell yourself that when you step on the court, you will never take your eye off it. Repeat to yourself that the ball belongs to you and let your competitive energy start coming through before you have even had the first serve.

By setting yourself goals, you are putting in places personal challenges that you only have yourself to challenge. Obviously, you want to win the game. But if you set goals for the game you’re about to play, you have yourself and your pre-made plans to achieve too, which will push your competitive edge that little bit more.  

Take up other sports teams

Each diverse sport brings out different levels of competitiveness. It might be that although tennis encourages you to want to win, it doesn’t quite make you as success hungry as another sport would. Joining other sports teams could be a fantastic way to channel new competitive energy you didn’t know you had.

Perhaps it could be one where you play in bigger teams, which encourages you to try and shine and stand out as an individual. It might be that by joining a netball team or women’s football could teach you other areas of teamwork, discipline, and being a key player. Different sports areas will also teach you areas of failure and how to handle it too.


Start gaming as a hobby

Another ideal way to channel your competitive side is to take on a competitive hobby, so you are constantly releasing your inner fight. Gaming is a great option, as you can easily take up online gaming and learn the art of playing online casino, to both unwind and work up that competitive energy. You may even discover a new type of game you’re interested in, which adds to your hobby list!

It’s also a bit of fun and something challenging you can do at home when you are taking a bit of time out from sports and other physical activities.

Introduce healthy competition

A unique way to get that competitive energy soaring is to try and have a healthy competition with those around you. It doesn’t have to be anything negative, but more in the form of playing board games, or setting yourself cooking challenges.

You could introduce a ‘Come Dine With Me’ each week, where someone in your family takes charge of the cooking. These are enjoyable activities, with that touch of competitiveness to keep you on your toes.

Above all, tennis is a naturally competitive sport, and the more fire you have in your belly when you step onto the court, the better your performance will be. See your components as healthy competition, and that the winning prize is yours from the offset. It’s amazing what a bit of positive and competitive thinking can do! 


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