How Can Positive Reviews Help Teddington Businesses?

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Business in Teddington is booming. While the area enjoys a wide range of different companies in a variety of sectors, there is no such thing as too much business. For such a close-knit area, having recommendations for your business from those local to Teddington could do a business a world of good. But how else could reviews help your business?

A review is a clever way of not only boosting the overall opinion of your business but also allowing real people to act as brand ambassadors. People are more likely to trust a recommendation from someone they know, so prompting reviews from friends and family members could end up allowing your business to be seen by a wider audience. Social media is key for these kinds of reviews, with algorithms set to favour businesses who are reviewed positively.

What you get people to review and focus on could be just as important as getting numbers of reviews. For restaurants, having positive reviews and recommendations about key features such as parking, menu options, and who the food and ambience might be good for will do better than just a lot of five stars. Meanwhile, for those in the retail sector, reviews about customer service, quality of products, and any online offers could sway customers to shop there instead of at a competitor.

Source: Pixabay

TripAdvisor allows visitor attractions to be reviewed by those who have been to these places, and good reviews here can turn into higher search engine placement, while the well-reviewed location can even be presented with a TripAdvisor endorsement. For instance, The Masons Arms appears first in the TripAdvisor section for nightlife in Teddington. So, for those taking a cursory glance at the site before deciding on a venue, this could be invaluable. There are many lists on TripAdvisor where an amalgamated score of customer/visitor appreciation leads to a higher placement – and some local media take note of this when putting together itinerary days and making endorsements.  

Looking at industries that have quite a lot of competitors can be useful in demonstrating just how clever reviews can be. For the online casino industry, brands such as Omnia Casino are getting great reviews for their first-time user welcome bonus of free spins on a specific slot game, and for their range of payment options for those using the site. Moreover, McDonald’s offers a meal for £1.99 if customers use their receipt to leave a review online – this discounted meal could persuade hungry people to opt for McDonald’s over another fast-food restaurant.

Encouraging people to ‘check in’ on Facebook is also a clever way of gaining reviews. Why? Well, Facebook prompts those who have checked in somewhere to leave a review for it a few days later. While many people would like to leave a review, they have often forgotten to do so by the time they have returned home. So, if they’re being prompted by Facebook to directly leave a review a few days later, these happy customers are more likely to shout about how happy they were.

There is such a diverse spread of businesses in Teddington that the local economy is healthy, and growth looks possible throughout 2020. Some more savvy tricks in the marketing department could help Teddington businesses take advantage of this projected development.


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