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Help to save Teddington’s historic Landmark Arts Centre

Martin Nicholds, Chair of the Landmark Arts Centre Trustees, has circulated a letter to Teddington Residents, highlighting the plight that the famous Teddington landmark faces in light of its forthcoming events being cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak.


The letter reads:

“We have taken steps to reduce outgoings to an absolute minimum, but with no income we eventually reach a point where our reserves are exhausted and we become insolvent and have to shut up shop.”

“Factoring in the need to retain some funds to pay staff redundancy and creditors we estimate that this point will be reached in a little less than two months time.”

“The effect upon our financial state is very considerable and immediate. We are a charity and receive no external core funding or subsidy. We operate within the income we can generate from events we present and host plus occasional donations and grants. Currently that income is zero.”

“The Board of Trustees are determined to keep the Landmark going. We do not want to commemorate our anniversary by closing down! We are applying to various funders to help but so too is every charity in the country and we cannot guarantee success. That is why we are launching an appeal.”

“Help us keep this wonderful building, retain the staff so we can rebuild the programme as soon as we can reopen.

A donation can help ensure the Landmark stays open to serve our community. If you can please help us with a donation.”

Donations can be made online quickly and easily by clicking here.


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