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Should Your Business Reopen It Premises Or Wait Longer?

The Coronavirus pandemic has stalled the global economy and led many companies to shut down their premises and ask staff to work from home.

As the UK slowly eases its restrictions, many organisations face making tough decisions about reopening their premises or keeping staff at home for longer.

To help you make an informed decision, here are some questions that you need to answer positively before you reopen.

Will Reopening Benefit Your Business?

If your staff are able to work safely from their homes, then you should consider allowing them to continue to do so. However, if you need to reopen your workplace in order to provide a full spectrum of services, then you need to consider how you can do so safely. Just because the government has stated that you are allowed to reopen over the coming weeks, does not mean that you have to if you do not feel that you can do so in a completely safe way.

Are You Able To Keep Your Workplace Clean?

Cleanliness is of paramount importance right now, because the virus can survive on surfaces and is transmitted via water droplets. If your team is unable to keep your premises clean, then work with Ideal Cleaning, a nationwide cleaning company committed to offering cleaning and decontamination services that will help companies to get back to work. Consider finding out more about the firm’s extensive service offering to get your business back up and running safely.

Do Your Customers Want Your Business To Reopen?

Customers or service users are at the centre of your organisation; after all, they’re the ones who will be paying for your offering. As such, you need to assess whether or not they actually want your business to reopen, or if they are still too afraid of catching the virus to consider visiting your premises. Consider conducting a poll on your firm’s social media pages, or communicating directly with a cross-section of your regular clients to learn about their views. Once you have a rough idea of whether customers feel that your business base should reopen, you can include this information in your decision.

Can Your Staff Travel To Work Safely?

Travel and transport have become hot topics recently, as public transport can harbour germs and be dangerous for passengers and drivers alike. Commuters are urged, where possible, to avoid using public transport, so communicate with your staff to see if they are able to find an alternative way to get to work. If they have to take public transport, then ask if they are able to abide by the safety guidelines. If not, then you should consider allowing them to continue to work from home until more robust safety measures are in place or a vaccine is made available.

Overall, it is your responsibility as a business leader to keep your staff, suppliers, and clients safe. Use this article to make the best decision not only for your company but for society as a whole.


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