Beautiful Places To Take A Walk

With the easing of lock down it’s easier to explore more of the local area and parks. I hope these places help you keep those walks eventful and exciting.

The Riverside

The riverside is a lovely walk and it’s so local. You can enjoy the Thames view by doing the stretch between the Richmond bridge passing Ham House until you reach Teddington Lock. With pubs or cafes at either end of the walk. You can get a nice cold beer or a coffee before enjoying the wonderful riverside walk.  

Bushy Park

Bushy park is a magical place, with lots of little streams, woodland, grassy fields, squirrels and some beautiful deer. There’s so much to see to pass the time and feel peaceful. This is definitely one of the best places to visit if you want to feel at one with nature.

Richmond Park

Richmond park is beautiful all year round, no two days are the same. Just look Bushy park theres so much to see. You can take long walks and visit the Pembrook lodge and get a cheeky cake or ice cream.

Marble Hill Park

This is a lovely place to meet up with friends and family. There is a playground for kids and several cafes, lots of field space and beautiful scenery.

Old Deer Park

The park is especially pretty in spring. The flowers look amazing and there’s lovely streams to see. It’s nice little walk with a playground for the children.

Hope this list has helped you plan somewhere new to visit.

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