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Time To Declutter

Now that lock-down is easing up, it may be time to think about getting rid of all the random bits of clutter you got in your home. I know after spending so much time in the house there were a few things that I wanted to get rid of or replace.

Here’s a few things to consider and some tips on how to go about decluttering.

Set Up A System

Some people may find it hard to get rid of some things, they either have sentimental value or you like the look of it but you never use It or do anything with it it just takes up pointless room. A good way to tackle this is to come up with a system.

You could separate things into three categories, keep, get rid off or put in storage.

Things that you keep are items you know are of value. So the item has a place and purpose. It isn’t there just for the sake of it or to be put in a drawer never to be seen again.

Things you get rid of are items that serve no value whatsoever, does it make you happy? Have you used it in the last three years? No? It needs to go. However, be considerate of the environment we live in, some items can be recycled or given to a local charity.

Things you put in storage are usually things that have sentimental value or you only use it once a year. For example, photos from when you were younger or baby photos, suitcases, camping equipment etc.


You can invest in more storage or boxes to keep things out of the way. For example you can get little baskets for your bathroom where you can keep all your skin care or toiletries. You can get furniture that has storage in it, this is especially useful if you have kids, you can keep toys in there.

Sleep On It

You may need to time to think about what you should get rid of, go around the house and make a list of things that may need to go. you then have an idea of what you want and you can sleep on it so you don’t throw out something you might regret throwing later.


Clothes and ornaments are a good one to donate. If you’re looking to revamp your house maybe donate our ornaments? People are always looking for nice and vintage type things to fill their houses. Clothes are great to donate especially when it comes to kids, they’re always growing and may have only worn a brand-new pair of jeans for a couple months before needing a new pair. No need to store or throw them, just donate them.

Hope these tips helped, decluttering can be quite therapeutic especially after being stuck indoors for so long.


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