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Richmond Park Litter Surge

There has been a surge in rubbish being left at the London royal parks. Richmond park is one of the worst cases since lock-down.

Not only is this unsightly, but it’s causing damage to the health of all the beautiful wildlife maintained in these park. There already has been footage of a stag trying to feed with a rubber tube from a bike wheel, tangled into his antlers.

Rubbish has increased incredible since June; Richmond park in particular had increased 7-fold compared to last year’s figures.

The data comes from investigating all royal parks due to the amount of litter being left behind. It had led to an unbelievable 258.4 tonnes of rubbish collected from London’s eight Royal Parks in June alone.

There have been volunteers to help picking up the litter and staff working from 5am to help clear the park.

Other people shouldn’t have to throw others rubbish away, if you’re visiting such a beautiful area filled with so much wildlife, be decent and throw away your rubbish.


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