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Preparing Your Pets For The Colder Seasons

With only one month of Summer left it’s best to prepare your pets early, especially with the current climate and how unsure the world is at the moment. Here’s some tips on how to prepare your pets for the cold.


You can get pet clothing, coats, little jumpers etc. If your pet breed isn’t suited for the cold then layering them up is a good idea, especially if they are constantly outside.

However, be conscious that the clothing doesn’t limit their mobility and is comfortable for them.

Make Sure They’re Dry

You need to make sure they aren’t wet, especially their ears and paws. cleaning their ears is essential as they can get infected. With their paws, you need to make sure their fur is trimmed, the snow and rain can cause their paws to freeze.

Keep Away From Salt And De-icers

The salt can be bad for their paws and the de-icers can be really poisonous to pets if they accidentally eat it.

Heated Spot

Make sure there are a couple spots in the house that are warm, so placing a little bed and blankets away from a window or door. This will provide the pets with somewhere cosy and comfortable.


Your pets need to be hydrated well all year round. Good hydration is key to help your pets regulate their body temperature properly. Also use plastic bowls especially if left outside, metal bowls can freeze and be harmful to their tongues.

Hope these tips help you prepare for your pets health when the cold weather comes.


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