What Are the Benefits of Studying at a Collegiate University?

A collegiate university is basically a university that is a connected group of colleges. The practice is not uncommon, and there are more collegiate universities in the country than ever before. In fact, some of the biggest universities in our education system are actually collegiate universities.

Going to a collegiate university is fairly straightforward. You don’t have to worry about accommodation or other basic necessities because colleges that are part of a collegiate university tend to provide them for students. At the same time, there are more programs to choose from.

What’s interesting is the added benefits you will get when studying at a collegiate university. These colleges have unique roles and offer advantages that conventional universities cannot offer. We are going to take a closer look at the benefits of studying at a collegiate university in this article.

A College That Suits You

Most collegiate universities are quite extensive in size. Oxford and Cambridge, for instance, each have more than 30 colleges. The University of Lancaster, another example of a collegiate university, also has multiple colleges that you can choose from.

Having multiple colleges to choose from brings a unique advantage: you can find a college that suits you perfectly. For example, you can go to King’s College, Cambridge, if you want to complete your education in a moderate, slightly left-wing environment. Caius College, which is also part of Cambridge, offers a more conservative environment.

Having the ability to select a college that suits you is a huge plus. Depending on the career path you want to pursue in the future, you can start building a network of like-minded people from the beginning. You can also tailor your college experience.

Facilities and Features

That actually brings us to the next advantage: a wide selection of facilities and features to choose from. As mentioned before, colleges offer accommodation, pastoral care, and many other elements of your life as a student.

Learning more about the specific colleges you are interested in gives you the ability to further fine-tune your college experience. You can find information about halls of residence and accommodation options, facilities provided by the college, and even the services that you can utilise to make adapting to life as a student easier.

At the same time, you have student organisations and activities to take into account. You can join inter-college activities or branch out to programs offered by other colleges within the same collegiate university.

Tuition and Other Fees

Another big advantage of a collegiate university is its diversity in cost structure. Colleges don’t always follow strict rules when it comes to their cost structure. In a more modern collegiate university, the colleges have complete control over their finances.

Durham University is a good example of a collegiate university that lets you pursue a higher degree – and take the program of your choice – without having to worry about tuition and other fees. This is because colleges that are part of Durham University offer their programs at different but affordable prices and have different cost structures. You can learn more about the cost of programs from Durham University from Uni Compare, as they have information on living costs and other details that you need to know before deciding to go to Durham University.

A Wider Network

One of the most important things to do when you are studying for a higher degree is building your network. Networking while at university will help you later in your professional life. You’ll be surprised by how important your friends in university are further down the line.

A collegiate university, as mentioned before, consists of a series of colleges, which means you can expand your personal and professional network even further. You are no longer limited to just a single college when trying to connect with fellow students. The accommodation you choose will also affect how you connect with fellow students.

Naturally, students are not the only ones you need to connect with when you are in college. You also want to connect with lecturers, who are mostly industry experts and leading authorities in their respective fields.


Last but certainly not least, we have a wide range of scholarships that are available to students of collegiate universities. Scholarships are not only available to the whole university, but also specific colleges. Centralised scholarship programs in particular are appealing.

You can earn more and get covered for the duration of your study with the right program. Some scholarship programs even allow you to transfer from one college to another within a collegiate university, and you can keep your coverage while doing so.

These are the benefits of studying at a collegiate university. With big names opening up more programs to students, you can have the perfect college experience by going to a reputable collegiate.

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