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3 Must-Have Tools for Teachers Entering into a Remote Learning Environment This Autumn

Are you a teacher or instructor who will be entering into a remote learning environment this September? Has the Covid-19 pandemic made it impossible for you to host in-person classes as you normally would? Is this virtual classroom a first for you and you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed and out of your depths?

If you’ve answered yes to these questions, it’s important to remind yourself that you aren’t alone. We are experiencing a very unique point in our history – one that has never been experienced before – and people are needing to step outside their comfort zone in order to allow work and life to continue in the safest healthiest way possible. With that said, here’s a look at three must-have tools that are ideal for instructors who will be switching to an online teaching model this autumn.

A Reliable Computer or Laptop

First things first, your new “classroom” will be your computer or laptop, which means you need to be sure you’ve got a reliable one that is powerful, fast, and is able to do all you need it to do. This could be the perfect time to upgrade to something more modern.

Things to consider when you purchase a new device include:

  • The user-friendliness aspect
  • Whether it supports all the software and online platforms you plan to use
  • Screen size (you may want something bigger so that it’s easier on your eyes and easier to see details)
  • The battery life (if you’re looking at laptops)
  • Available storage space
  • How fast the internet connection is

Find an Online Classroom Platform You Feel Comfortable With

This is also a good time to start looking into your different online platform options that will act as your classroom. You want to be sure you learn all there is to know and work out any kinks before class is in session.

A great option to look into is, which is a user-friendly, feature-packed, blended learning platform. It’s ideal for instructors like yourself who are new to online classrooms and want to pick a platform that will benefit both you and the students. Because it was developed with the input of teachers, you know it’s going to provide the features you need. In fact, you can set up your real-time virtual classroom with just a few quick steps.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses – Prepare Your Eyes for Lots of Screen Time

Here’s a tool that you may not have even thought of, as these are just becoming the trend now. Blue light blocking glasses are meant to be worn when you work on the computer. They don’t require a prescription, rather they are meant to block out the blue light the screen emits and cut down on glare. The idea is that things appear sharper, create less strain on your eyes, and some claim they can help to prevent digital damage to your eyes.

You’re Ready to Step into the World of Online Teaching

These three tools will help you to prepare for your online teaching role and ensure that you’re just as effective remotely as you are in-person.


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