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Back To School Preparation

Now that the majority of schools have opened back up, the next school year is upon us and as parents you need to make sure your children are ready, emotionally, physically and materialistically. Here are a few ways you can make sure your children are prepared to face the coming year.

Covid-19 Prep

It’s always best to check the government site and the school’s website on the rules the schools are expected to follow. As well as what they expect the children to act and wear.

Based on how society is as a whole, making sure your child has a face mask and some kind of disinfectant e.g. wipes or sanitiser can be a good idea. Unless the school has provided all this or it’s not suitable for children to carry around, making sure that your child is prepared is a safe bet.


During Covid-19 schools may have relaxed on school uniform a bit. However, schools are advised to go back to normal and have the correct uniform be mandatory. Uniform shopping is always simple, you can go to your local supermarket and there are plenty of online stores and uniform specific stores that are available.

Uniform’s are especially good during this time as it’s easier to wash them on a regular basis. I would pick 3 or so uniform outfits so the child can wear an outfit, when they come back it can be washed and they can wear another outfit and then the washed outfit would be dry in time to be worn again. This will help minimise as much germs as possible. The last thing you want is your child bringing the virus to the home.


Most schools expect you to provide the child with pencils and pens. However, sometimes schools do let you use certain equipment e.g. glue sticks, safety scissors etc. Making sure your child is well equipped is essential, borrowing stationary is an easy way to pass on germs. Minimising as much contact as possible is the goal, making sure your child has everything they need is the best way to do that.

You can get equipment from the local supermarket, or stationary/book shops like Whsmith and Paperchase.

Emotional Prep

Your child may be feeling anxious to go back to school, due to Covid-19 your child may not have been able to see their friends for a while and they may be worried about socialising again. As well as the fear of getting ill or even just the pressure of education in general. Having a good talk with your child can really help them feel calm and know they can come to you if they feel worried at all.

All children need is reassurance and knowing that their parents are there for them.

These are just a few tips on things to consider for the next school year. Please make sure to check the government site to get as much information as possible on how schools are planning on making a safe environment for your children.


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