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Harsher Fines To Be Set To Stop Illegal Gatherings Over Bank Holiday Weekend

From Friday 28th August tougher measures will be set in place to target those who do not comply with the social distancing restrictions this weekend.

Those who are organising illegal raves, unlicensed music events or any other illegal gatherings of 30 people or more can face a fine of £10,000. This is to act as a deterrent to protect the public.

Fines of £100 can be given to those who participate in these gatherings and those who have already received a fine will have their fines doubled. You can be charged to a maximum of £3,200 if you keep reoffending.

It comes as the NPCC have warned the police in England and Wales to increase their patrols to prevent illegal gatherings as the bank holiday comes up.

In London the Met Police have responded to more than 1,000 unlicensed events since the end of June. With every weekend since receiving information on 200 events every weekend across the city.

Aside from the risk of getting the virus, these events have linked to other criminal activity and violence.

Please enjoy your weekend but enjoy it safely, it is mandatory to wear a mask unless are exempt.


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