5 reasons why link building remains a crucial SEO strategy

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There are over 200 known Google ranking factors, and, considering that some of them are subject to speculation, they can sometimes be a mystery to webmasters. But, out of these 200 factors, one is proven to impact your site’s performance: link building. Getting high-authority websites to link back to your website has consistently proven to lift you higher in search engine results, boosting exposure and consolidating your digital marketing strategy. If you’ve just launched your website, you’ve probably heard that optimising it for relevant keywords and having high-quality content can boost SEO, and that’s all very true. However, without a healthy backlink profile, it’s not enough.

Here’s why:

1. Google takes into account links when ranking your website.

Perhaps the most important reason why links are important for SEO is that Google takes into account your link profile when establishing rankings. No matter how masterfully written your content is, Google won’t rank your page high if no other website links to it – think of it as a system of recommendations. Of course, the backlinks have to be high quality and relevant to your niche, which is why you should work with a professional link building agency.

2. Links are an indicator of credibility.

Apart from the fact that high-quality backlinks matter to Google, they can also boost trust among human audiences. For example, if your link appears in an article on a reputable website that people trust (this can be a general news website but also an influential industry blog), readers will take this as a vote of confidence.

3. Links help you gain more traffic.

Links help you gain traffic indirectly because, by boosting your SEO score, they also boost the number of website visits from SERPs. At the same time, links can also help you gain direct referral traffic because people who read an article where your company is mentioned are likely to click on the link and arrive on your site. Unlike ads, which are eventually taken down, links stay there indefinitely, so they’re a constant source of potential traffic.

4. Links help you form relationships in your niche.

Networking is essential for any business, no matter its niche. It can help you find solutions to business problems, meet potential partners, and access new talent. By reaching out to influential bloggers and online magazines, you can grow your network and start new collaborations.

5. Links help you stand out as an authority in your field.

Studies have shown that customers are more likely to trust brands that stand out as authorities in their field because they come across as more trustworthy and competent. With link building, you can build this authority. By seeing your website quoted by reliable publications and reading featured articles about you, audiences will automatically think of you when they need your service. This outbound marketing tactic remains highly effective, and it’s sustainable in the long run. However, in order for this to work, you need to collaborate with high-profile websites with an excellent track record, which is where companies like Seeders.agency can help.

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