Working And Living In London: A Quick Guide

City capitals are high on the visiting list for travel enthusiasts, and London is no exception. Although the capital of the UK can be a desirable destination for a quick trip away, living in the Big Smoke can be an entirely different experience. The birthplace of Harry Potter, red telephone boxes, and double-decker buses holds many wonders for tourists and settlers alike.

However, the wonders of London come equipped with many adjustments for prospective relocators such as rainy weather, increased cost of living, and the general hustle and bustle of the city. Often coined as one of the business hubs of the world, London is a perfect destination for those seeking independence or looking to advance in their careers.

But much like any place, working (and therefore living) in London has both positives and negatives. We’ve developed this quick guide for those considering relocating to London to help you decide whether working and living in the Big Smoke is right for you, plus the benefits of doing so.

Why Should You Work In London?

As one of the biggest business hubs in the world, it’s not surprising that London is one of the biggest cities in the UK. Because of this, it boasts some of the most significant employment opportunities. Due to London’s sheer size, it’s nearly impossible to find two industries that are the same, which means that prospective relocators don’t have to limit themselves to just one sector of business.

Finance is London’s prominent industry; however, job seekers can find a range of industries to enter from art and performance to marketing, not to mention many networking opportunities or business communities. Options for seeking jobs are also more accessible in London, as individuals can use the services of career coaches, government resources, and internet-based job listing platforms. For more specialised work for your own talents, you could look deeper.

If you are a marketer or looking for a career in marketing then a marketing recruitment agency in Richmond or the surrounding areas could aid you in your search. If you’re looking for a marketing role in London you could use the services of experts such as Stopgap. Use their handy job-searching tool to find jobs in your area, or contact a member of their team for more information about how their services could help you secure a job in London today.

What Options Are Available Regarding Transportation?

Another reason why many individuals choose to work and live in London is the number of travel options presented to travellers, commuters, and citizens alike. The city boasts an impressive public transport network of buses, overground trains, underground trains, taxis and many more. Due to this extensive network, the number of car owners in London massively decreases compared to surrounding areas.

One of the most beneficial aspects of London’s public transport network is that they run all day and night. The cost is considerably more affordable than the maintenance and upkeep of a vehicle—allowing you to save the money you would have spent on running a car for other aspects of working and living in the city.

What Sort Of Salary Can I Expect To Receive While Working In London?

It’s not a very well-kept secret that living and working in London can be expensive. The cost of living in London is increased since the city is a popular tourist destination, the capital of the UK and one of the biggest business hubs around the globe. However, you’ll be pleased to discover that the average UK salary for those living and working in London is generally higher so that the living costs are balanced out.

Suppose you’re seriously considering making a move to London. In that case, we recommend researching the average amount of salary that you can expect to receive in your desired job role and using the statistics to determine whether you’ll be able to afford the costs of everyday living. To give you an idea of the estimated costs, on average, it costs a single person around £33,480 per year to finance living and working in London.

To get a more accurate figure, you could also look at accommodation costs and subtract those from your estimated earnings so you’d get an idea of how much money you’d have left-over once your outgoings have gone out. Or you could use internet resources such as blogs, salary calculators etc., to help you determine whether living and working in London would be feasible for you.

What Else Can Relocating To London Offer Me?

As well as being one of the world’s leading financial hubs, London is one of the best places in the UK for entertainment, nightlife, and day experiences. London is predominantly famous for its history, but have no fear if you’re not a history buff. There are plenty of other non-history related experiences awaiting you in the Big Smoke.

If you fancy yourself a bit of a tourist and want to check out some of London’s most popular tourist traps, you could consider visiting Big Ben, Madame Tussauds or Buckingham Palace. Or you could check out some of London’s iconic green zones, which cover 47% of the city, such as Hyde Park, Richmond Park, and many others

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