Golfing: Master your shot

Golf is increasingly popular in the UK. The pandemic brought a lot of Brits out to the courses to enjoy the fresh air and socialisation.

However, golf isn’t just a communal sport. To be done well requires a lot of strategy and technique. So, how do you master your shot?

A note on clubs

Although your technique is a large proportion of golfing success, it’s not the only factor.

Having a collection of high-quality golf clubs is essential to allow you to perform at your very best. The technology behind club manufacturing takes into account everything a player needs to make the ideal shot, so invest in the right equipment and you should reap the rewards.

The nature of the club used will materially alter the outcome of your shot. Select a versatile option like Titleist wedges for a kit suitable to different shots and swing types.


To get that accuracy you’re looking for while trying to achieve the distance characteristic of a drive, you’ll need to bear a few things in mind.

As the driver club needs a quick swing, you’ll need to have a strong base. Make sure you have a wide stance, and you tilt your furthest shoulder down to get as much uplift as possible.

Practise with a light club at first. This will help you master the general technique before taking on the heavier club and will avoid any injuries from overswinging with too much weight.


A short stroke on or just off the green to get the ball into the hole in as few attempts as possible.

Your grip on the club needs to be very specific to successfully use a putter. Your top hand should be on the grip with your index finger over the bottom hand with the thumb resting on the club pointing down.

When lining up your shot, draw a mental line between the ball’s logo and the hole as a target. On the swing, the lower half of the body shouldn’t be moving and the shoulders should be most of the movement in the backswing.


This shot over a short distance spends more time in the air than on the ground.

You’ll need to use a larger swing to get the ball high. However, it’s very easy to overdo this so you’ll need to practise the height, power and angle behind the swing.

The shaft needs to be in the right position in relation to your feet. It should be central so that you don’t pick up the ground on the swing. Likewise, even though it sounds wrong, aim down when you hit the ball to get enough height.

Make sure you have a posture that is suited to short shots. Your hands should be in line with your shoulders and you should bend from your hips.

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