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A Week of Activities and Events at Roedean School: Spring 2023

Roedean School, East Sussex, is a dynamic, independent day and boarding school for girls. Roedean ensures each student’s week is full of engaging lessons and adventures beyond the classroom. As a result, Rodeanians regularly demonstrate their varied talents across academic, sporting, and creative arenas.

For families with daughters studying at Roedean School, the easiest way to stay updated with all the goings-on is through the Headteacher’s Weekly Review. The Weekly Review is also a great resource for those who are interested in learning more about the School.

A February 2023 issue of the Weekly Review demonstrates how engaged and accomplished Roedean’s students are. In one week, girls got involved with chess challenges, musical performances, sporting events, and much more.

Highlights Of the Week

Spring 2023, issue seven of the Weekly Review shares how Roedean School students:

  • Enjoyed half-term trips to Valencia, Iceland, and the Steinway factory in Hamburg.
  • Participated in various initiatives for LGBTQ+ History Month.
  • Competed in a house chess competition.
  • Showcased their musical talents during a teatime recital.

On Friday, Feb. 24, Roedean marked the first anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine by joining the nation’s minute of silence. The School also held a poignant chapel service, during which Ukrainian students shared their experiences.

The Weekly Review celebrates students’ academic endeavours, features arts and culture highlights from the week, and includes sports and fitness updates.

Alongside the week’s netball and swimming fixtures, this issue includes a write-up by two Year 9 students of a talk that the girls received on diet and nutrition. Head of Sport Kate Wakeling delivered the talk, and the girls learnt the importance of eating a varied, balanced diet.

Student Achievements

The Weekly Review recognises the outstanding achievements of students of all ages.

This issue congratulated girls who entered the 2023 Intermediate Maths Challenge. In total, 18 girls won gold awards, 38 won silver, and 42 won bronze. Many of the gold award winners have qualified for the next round of the competition.

Roedean girls are also community-minded, and many participate in the School’s volunteering and outreach opportunities. Over the February half-term, a Year 7 student cut her hair for donation to the Little Princess Trust. The charity makes wigs for children who have lost their hair, often as a result of medical treatment.

The Weekly Review’s “Unsung Heroes in the Spotlight” column recognises the personal accomplishments of girls who have stood out in the School community. In this issue, the section features:

  • Three Year 12 students, for their contributions to the School’s observance of LGBTQ+ History Month.
  • A Year 8 musician who impressed with her organ playing.
  • Three girls who shared their thoughts on leadership and great leaders during the weekly chapel service.

The issue also reports how a budding Year 8 footballer has joined Chelsea Football Club’s Player Development Programme. The programme includes weekly training sessions and competitive matches. Young players accepted onto the programme learn important technical, tactical, and movement skills.

Head’s Thoughts and Insights

Roedean headteacher opens each Weekly Review with an introduction and commentary of the week’s events.

In spring 2023, issue seven of the Weekly Review, former headteacher Oliver Blond reflected on the School’s positive direction and progressive values. He drew particular attention to the impressive student-led initiatives to improve awareness and understanding during LGBTQ+ History Month.

He also emphasised that the successes across different areas of school life underline Roedean’s impressive range of weekly activities.

Additionally, this issue mentioned Roedean’s visit from a Tatler Schools’ Guide representative. The headmaster noted that the visitor left “incredibly impressed” by the School’s talented students and excellent facilities.

Roedean has thrived under 10 years of Oliver Blond’s headmastership. The School has nearly doubled student numbers since 2013 and has undertaken extensive investment into its facilities.

Oliver Blond has now stepped down, and Niamh Green has taken on the headteacher role. Under her leadership, Roedean’s future development plans include a new science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM) centre; a performing arts centre; and a high-tech learning commons.

With so much happening at Roedean, you can stay connected with its community so as not to miss any important news.

Read the full issue of the Head’s Weekly Review online.


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