The Best Attire for Cycling in Teddington

Teddington is an excellent place for cyclists. Whether you’re a passionate long distance cyclist who wants long roads to roam or a beginner who wishes to keep to safe and flat trails, the town is full of cycling routes perfect for any level. Before you hop on your bike, you might want to check if you have the right apparel. While it’s true that cycling needs only your vehicle and a pair of legs, proper cycling clothing can keep you comfortable and safe on our roads. With that, here’s an overview of the best attire for cycling in Teddington:


Considering Teddington’s often-cloudy weather, you might be tempted to leave your shades at home. However, the level of harmful UV rays can still be high even when it’s overcast, as it’s reflected and scattered in the clouds. Whatever the weather, you’ll need sunglasses to protect your eyes. If you’re worried about obscured eyesight, get Oakley’s Jawbreaker Red Tiger, specially made for cyclists and equipped with the brand’s trademark polarised PRIZM™ lenses that enhance colour and contrast. That way, you can adequately protect your eyes—and see the town in clear detail even as it rushes by you in a blur of speed.

Bike helmet

As with the rest of the UK, no laws require you to wear a biking helmet in Teddington. However, for your own sake, you should use one anyway. A 2021 study shows that bicycle helmets, especially ones fitted with new technologies like a friction-inducing layer or a shearing pad, can mitigate the effects of brain injury. In the worst-case scenario, your headgear can reduce peak rotational acceleration and velocity and maximal strain in the corpus callosum and sulci—in other words, keep your head in place and intact. The study found that airbag helmets were best at reducing brain strain in all impacts, with the recommended brand being Hövding. While Teddington might have safe streets, you’ll want that extra safety assurance to give yourself and fellow resident cyclists peace of mind.

Cycling shorts

Cyclists have a range of choices regarding their pants, tights, and warmers. However, with Teddington’s rising temperatures, you may want to opt for cycling shorts. This garment is designed to give you support and cushioning to prevent chafing or saddle sores through its flexible fabric and chamois—a padding made from foam, gel, and natural fibres that decrease the friction you get when cycling. The Pas Normal Mechanism cycling shorts are a great option. With their comfortable, compressive fit and high-quality stitching, you can zoom through Teddington easily without worrying about chafing.

Bike jacket

Teddington might be experiencing a gloriously warm summer, but that hasn’t precluded the town from the heavy downpours spreading across the country. In consideration of that, purchase a cycling jacket. This piece of clothing will shield you from the wind, protect you from raindrops, and has breathable technology that will allow you to keep cycling in comfort. If you want to make the most of your apparel, get the Endura Pro SL 3-Season Jacket—which, as its name suggests, is a jacket for all seasons. Its removable Primaloft inner lining can help you ride through the cold temperatures of Teddington’s winter and autumn, while its excellent venting system can help you enjoy the rest of the summer season.

Shoe covers

On Teddington’s rainy days, there’s nothing worse than soaked-through socks and shoes. Spare yourself that and get yourself some shoe covers to keep your footwear dry. The Gore C5 Windstopper Thermo is expertly designed so that its more insulated fabric lies at the top of the overshoes—where most moisture lands—and its rear has thin, supple fabric, formulating overshoes that are breathable with a good, snug fit.

Whether you’re a beginner or expert, hobbyist or commuter, Teddington’s an excellent place for cycling. Get yourself the best attire for an optimised experience while you ride.


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