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Benefits of E-Rostering for Companies in the UK

E-rostering is a term that is becoming more and more popular in the UK. It stands for electronic rostering and is also known as online scheduling. There are many benefits for companies that use e-rostering, such as increasing their revenue and operation, but employees can certainly benefit from e-rostering as well. This article delves into e-rostering and its many benefits for employers that make use of such an online scheduling program. Keep reading to find out what e-rostering can do for you and your company.

E-Rostering: Make Scheduling Easier

E-rostering is beneficial for all sorts of organisations. Whether you own a local restaurant in Middlesex, or a large factory in London: e-rostering will help you achieve organisational excellence. If you are a planner or HR- manager, you are certainly aware of the time it takes to make an error-free employee schedule. All sorts of information need to be considered, such as preferred working hours, leave of absence and even specific skills. For this reason, it’s extremely common for planners to make mistakes, leading to scheduling conflicts. This is not only a hazard for the company, but also for the employees concerned.

By e-rostering employees online, you can easily avoid scheduling conflicts.  An e-rostering or online scheduling program can be supplied with all the information necessary. For example, the program can be supplied with the availability of part-time employees. In this way, when an employee calls in sick, you’ll be able to easily find an available pert-timer to fill the gap. Furthermore, employees who are on leave will be blocked from being scheduled in the system, which is a great help while making a schedule that suits everyone.

Create A Schedule That Fits Your Organisation

Whether you’re a big player in the manufacturing industry, or own the restaurant around the corner: an e-rostering system can always be adapted to your business. For example, factories that work with shifts can greatly benefit from an e-rostering system that can take into account the different shifts a company offers.

It’s possible to adapt the system to the number of shifts, employees needed, peak hours, off-peak hours, extra payments and more. If you set up peak and off-peak hours, the system will determine how many employees need to be scheduled. In this way, over or understaffing can be avoided. Your clients or customers get the best experience, while your company is prevented from overpaying unnecessary staff. Moreover, setting extra surcharges for employees working the night shifts is allowed in the system, which avoids underpayment mistakes overall.

Make Clocking-In Quick and Easy

Companies that work with clocking systems, often know the frustration of employees forgetting to clock in. It’s then not clear when the employee started and finished their work. This problem is history with automatic clocking through an e-rostering system. If preferred, the clock will start running immediately when a shift starts.

On the other hand, it’s also possible to allow managers to clock in for their employees, or even to use tablets or computers as a clock-in device. Employees can simply sign in with their personal code, and the clock will start running until they clock out by using the same code. In this way, employees get paid exactly the hours they have worked.

Another great benefit from online clocking-in, is that office workers can clock in through their dashboard on their personal computer, and even attribute their time to certain clients and projects. This makes it easier to invoice the clients, as it is always clear how much time is actually spent on certain tasks.

Increase Your Team’s Productivity

Allocating time to specific tasks and clients is just one function that benefits both your company as well as your clients. Another great thing about e-rostering is that the system often comes with a time tracker that allows staff to keep track of the time they spend on a specific task. This information can be used to invoice the client accurately, but it can also help your team to work more efficiently and increase productivity.

Have you noticed that a lot of time was spent on a task that was less important than others, or is there a task that hasn’t received the attention it should have? The system keeps track of the assignments your employees work on and can help managers make adjustments accordingly.

Keep all Employees Up-To-Date

If you still make your schedules by hand, you know how frustrating it is when employees request last-minute changes. Last minute changes mean calling around to find an available employee and letting all employees involved know the schedule has changed. E-rostering takes away this burden completely. Scheduling online means that schedules are always available online and in real-time. This means that any employee with clearance can view schedules, apply for leave, register absence, or see changes.

E-rostering means that schedules are always available to anyone with a phone, laptop, tablet, or other device with internet connection. This prevents employees from calling each time they need an adjustment made, or when they have lost the schedule. They can simply view it online and make the necessary changes. In this way, parents can block the time they need to drop off their kids, students can block off study time, and employees who are on leave won’t be bothered with scheduling conflicts. Overall, this will result in both happier employees as well as HR staff.

Never Miss an Important Event: Enter Personal Information

An e-rostering program is not just for making a schedule. Instead, employees can enter their personal information, such as birthdays and addresses, emergency contacts, and more. So if you want to do something nice for your employees occasionally, this feature will help you never forget a birthday or anniversary ever again. The system will send out a notification to an HR employee, who can plan accordingly. By addressing dates that are important to employees, you can show them appreciation, which might even result in happier staff.


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