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A Teddington community lottery is being launched to support local good causes, charities and the fantastic difference is that YOU can actually choose which good cause or causes YOU want to support.

Tickets cost just £1 and there is a whole raft of prizes ranging from three FREE tickets to £25, £250, £2000 and a jackpot prize of £25.000.

A spokesperson for the new lottery said: “The big difference between the Teddington Lottery and the National Lottery is that you can actually choose the cause which you want to benefit from your ticket money so you can support a cause close to your heart for personal reasons and close to your home.”

The Teddington Lottery is teaming up with the community website Teddington Town which will be promoting the lottery and telling you about the winners and the fantastic causes they are supporting.

Each ticket has six numbers and each number is between 0 and 9. There will be a draw every Saturday night when a six digit winning combination will be picked at random.

You can see the winning numbers on the website just after 8pm on a Saturday night.

Prizes will be given to players with tickets that match the first or last 2 to 6 numbers from the winning combination. Match all six and you win the jackpot!

The new lottery is being launched following the success of Get Lucky Local which supported charities and causes across the entire Richmond Borough and contributed £42.000 to those groups, specifically during the pandemic when funds were much-needed.

During the three years of Get Lucky Local over 115.000 lottery tickets were sold but it became very clear that the lottery really struck a chord in the Teddington community, which has prompted the relaunch of the newly focussed lottery.

Teddington Theatre Club actually scooped the jackpot of £25.000

Eighty one percent of all tickets sold were on behalf of organisations based in Teddington, Hampton and Hampton Wick  including Teddington Swimming Club, Hampton Rangers Juniors FC, Teddington Hockey Club, Teddington Cricket Club Bushy Parks Sports Club and charities like RUILS and the Landmark Arts Centre.

If your sports organisation, charity or group can sell just 50 tickets per week across your members or supporters you will raise £1300 per year which may prove to be vital in supporting a project or equipment.

WIN £1000 for your GOOD CAUSE in DECEMBER 2023


Already a good cause signed up to Get Lucky Local ? Then just sell 25 more tickets per week to be entered in to the £1000 PRIZE DRAW on December 2nd.  


Only good causes that have sold 25 more tickets by November 30th will be entered into the draw.


For good causes signed up to Get Lucky Local in Richmond Borough there is no change to your supporters winning opportunities – the chance to WIN £25,000 or your place in the £1000 PRIZE DRAW if you sell an extra 25 tickets per week

You can play here:





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