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Petition calls for toilets to be built at Teddington Pools playground
A special petition has been launched calling on Richmond Council to provide toilet facilities for children at the playground near Teddington Pools.

The campaign, started by Anna Hofecker-Tornoczki,  states: “Teddington Pools Playground is an essential recreational area that caters to people of all ages, from children enjoying the playground equipment to families gathering for picnics and community events.

“While the playground offers a myriad of activities and a beautiful green space, the lack of accessible toilet facilities poses a significant challenge and inconvenience for visitors, especially children, the elderly, and individuals with special needs.

“Our community is growing, and Teddington Pools Playground is becoming an increasingly popular destination for families and visitors from neighbouring areas.

“However, the absence of proper toilet facilities forces parents to cut short their children’s playtime or leave the area altogether, disrupting the overall enjoyment of this fantastic community space.

“It is crucial that we ensure the comfort, safety, and convenience of all visitors to Teddington Pools Playground.

“By installing toilet facilities, we can enhance the overall experience and encourage more families to visit and engage in community activities.

“These facilities would not only benefit the residents of Teddington but also attract tourists and generate economic opportunities for local businesses.

 To sign the petition, which runs until 18th January 2024, you can use this link: https://www2.richmond.gov.uk/account/Login.aspx?ReturnUrl=~/%2fMember%2fePetitionSign.aspx?ID=177&cookieCheck=true

You can see signatures here: https://www2.richmond.gov.uk/account/ePetitionDetails.aspx?ID=177#sigarea



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