Features Of Infrared Thermometers

Given the current cold and flu season and the next possible wave of coronavirus diseases, people are increasingly using an infrared thermometer to measure body temperature. Compared to mercury and electronic devices, infrared devices have several advantages. In this article, we will understand what an infrared thermometer is, how to use it, and how to measure body temperature correctly with this device.

Measuring the temperature with an infrared thermometer depends on the type of device. Infrared thermometers come in ear, frontal, and non-contact. Non-contact is considered the most convenient because it allows you to measure the body’s temperature, objects (for example, a bottle of baby food), or the surrounding air. Continue reading to explore more about infrared thermometers.

How An Infrared Thermometer Works

The principle of operation of the device is based on the registration of infrared radiation from the object of measurement by the sensor of the thermometer, after which the received information is transformed into a temperature indicator. This allows you to get a faster result than a mercury or electronic thermometer (literally in a few seconds).

If the product is non-contact, then the measurement with an infrared thermometer is as follows: it should be brought to the skin surface at a distance of about 5 centimeters and wait for the sound signal. Frontal devices are applied with the measuring part to the forehead, and the ear devices are inserted into the auricle as far as it will go while you need to pull the ear back and up a little.

It is essential to observe some conditions to understand how to measure correctly with a non-contact thermometer. When measuring, the skin’s surface should be dry, degreased, and cleaned of cosmetics. If bangs cover the forehead, it is necessary to move the hair away and let the skin cool down.

Before measuring the ear’s temperature, cleaning it is essential. You can not measure the temperature if someone has just returned from the street, played sports, bathed, or drank a hot drink. In this case, waiting about 30 minutes for the body to return to a normal state is worth waiting.

Using An Infrared Thermometer


First of all, carefully familiarize yourself with the instructions of the non-contact thermometer for measuring temperature. It will indicate on which parts of the body you can use the device, whether there is a function to measure the temperature of objects, at what distance to keep the thermometer, what is the possible error of this model, as well as the temperature values that are considered normal for a particular area of the body.

To measure the temperature, turn on the device, select the mode (measuring the temperature of the body or other surfaces), bring the sensor to the measured surface at a distance of 4-6 cm, press the button, and wait a few seconds. An audible signal will notify you about the end of the measurement, and the result will be displayed on the screen.

It is essential to monitor the battery charge, as a low battery will result in incorrect temperature measurements.

Advantages Of A Non-Contact Thermometer


  • The main advantage is the speed of measurement. You will get the result in 2-3 seconds.
  • Safety: All infrared thermometers do not contain mercury and glass; they are entirely safe to use.
  • Convenience and simplicity: A child can understand how a non-contact thermometer measures temperature.
  • Most of these thermometers have a built-in memory, which allows you to view previous measurements and track the dynamics.
  • The presence of backlighting. It is available in many models, which allows you to measure the temperature at night without turning on the light.





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