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New Lion Gate Cafe at the Hampton Court Gate of Bushy Park


Lion Gate Cafe is available for private hire too


Coffee, cakes and pastries as well as wide      range of soft drinks


New Lion Gate Cafe is doing a roaring            trade….closed on Mondays


It’s been a well-kept secret but the new LION GATE CAFE at the Hampton Court Gate entrance of Bushy Park has now been open for four months and doing a roaring trade.

Situated right on the corner the cafe has private hire availability as well as eleven apartments for rent as part of Lion Gate Mews complex which also has another nine apartments across the road.

Word has spread quickly and today (sunday) every table was full sampling the offer of all types of coffee, croissants and pastries and a wide range of cakes and soft drinks. Last Sunday the cafe had over 200 customers during the day.

The cafe is closed on Mondays. The Park has two cafes inside the gates, The Pheasantry and a large kiosk near the Diana Fountain.

Delighted general manager, Mark Simon, who also runs the Lion Gate Mews rental business, and was working at the cafe himself today said he was ‘thrilled’ with the success so far.

“We have been open for four months but I think’s only now that the word is spreading that there is a new cafe available here. People can park inside Bushy Park or on the road and we’d like to think our coffee is the best around!”

The new cafe is hoping to offer breakfast options in the near future.


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