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Teddington Crime Prevention Tips

We have collated some advice and tips on how you can help protect yourself, your home and your family throughout 2024 – all of which are generally quick and easy to do! It doesn’t take long to implement some of these and to share the advice with your friends and family?

  • Internet safety: For those with younger children in the family, who may have received a new mobile/gaming console over Christmas, spend some time reminding yourself of the ways in which you can help to keep them safe. You can do this by ensuring all their profile settings on social media are set to private, and by having regular conversations with them to see what sites they are using. You should also ensure they are only friends with people they know and trust in the real world, and you can set appropriate parental controls on all their devices.


  • Tool marking: For any owners of tools, the best way to protect them from being stolen is by marking them. You can do this using forensic marking fluid and stickers. It’s also an idea to keep a property list detailing the make, model, serial number and description of your tools, and take photographs of any distinguishing marks they may have. You can register your property for free with Immobilise: https://www.immobilise.com/

  • Protect your home: To protect your home from burglary, we would recommend leaving a light on when you go out and ensuring all doors and windows are locked. It is also a good idea to have external lighting around your house and consider installing CCTV or defensive planting.

  • Fraud/Personal data: It’s easy to get drawn into the New Year’s sales, but it’s important to remain vigilant and remember how to spot the signs of courier/impersonator fraud. As a reminder, avoid sharing personal information over the phone, including your PIN. Never give your bank card to a courier or someone you do not trust and don’t transfer or withdraw money on the instruction of an unexpected caller.

  • Car theft: And lastly, to prevent your car from being stolen, keep your keys away from windows and doors, especially at night. Make sure your car is locked when it is parked, both at home or when you’re out. For keyless car owners, you may want to consider storing your keys and any spares in a signal blocking pouch.

We hope the above crime prevention advice helps to keep you and our community safe in 2024.


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