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Deer resting, by Teddington based artist Nadia Day


Local Waters….


Abstraction of Richmond Hill, another example of Nadia’s local works



Nadia Day is an Impressionist artist, painting from her studios in Teddington.

She captures views of nature, usually Bushy Park through the seasons inspired by her daily dog walks.

Her paintings are full of energy with loose brush stokes and her trademark big British skies.

She studied art at Kingston University and gained a BA in Drama & Theatre Arts from Birmingham University.

She now works full-time as an artist, creating commissions and producing work for shows such as the Affordable Art Fairs and Teddington’s Landmark Arts Fair.

Most recently her work has been exhibited at the Lensbury Club in Teddington where it has caught the eye of its members and guests.

Here she tells Teddington Town all about her work and her love of the area.


So Nadia, your stunning work demonstrates a very strong affection for the local area, Teddington, Bushy Park etc, how did you come to live in the area?

I grew up in Richmond and went to school in Hampton, so I’ve always known the area and its beautiful, natural offerings. After university in Birmingham and ten years of living and working in London, I felt a gravitational pull to return to this peaceful area to bring up a family.

Is there a particular area or scene which is your favourite because the parks and the river can look so different at different times of the year?

My favourite view to paint is the wide open vista across Bushy Park in the centre. I walk my dog there every day and I am always snapping away on my camera to capture the glorious scene through the seasons.

Tell us a bit about your techniques? Do you work with only one medium or various depending on the subject matter?

I work on large canvases to accommodate my loose, bold style. I like to use acrylic paints as they dry fast and are forgiving – you can always paint over a mistake! 

Your work is getting a wonderful show at the Lensbury? How did that come about and have you manage to sell any pieces? It came about because I am rather persistent in seeding my work into different destinations – people are more likely to view and think about buying art when they see it at their leisure time, so a gallery is not always the answer.

I had been emailing the Lensbury for years to try and get my foot in the door, as I am a member there and thought some contemporary local art would be welcomed by members. I was so excited when it came off! The paintings have now come down, as they are renovating. However, I am hoping to collaborate with them again in the future. I got wonderful feedback from the members and sold quite a few original paintings and prints of the river, which was so rewarding!

On average how long does it take you to complete a painting? Do you sketch or photograph the scene and then work in your studio or do you paint on site? 

I complete a private commission every two weeks, and I create a painting for myself or a gallery every week too. My process is fast and free. I will be inspired by a photo I have taken and be impatient to get it onto my canvas. So, the first few sessions of painting will be very productive. Then I may need to sit down and use a finer brush to add in all the detail required, such as family members’ silhouettes. This takes time and concentration but is an enjoyable part of the process – my mind can’t be racing at a 100 mph all the time!

Obviously the parks and the river are very popular subjects for artists do you feel you bring something different or distinctive to your interpretations?

I feel my style is very distinctive and different. I am self-taught so there are no rules. I am well known for my big expressive skies. I will add deer and figures into the scenes, but they are not the focal point – my main aim is to capture the overall landscape. I try to use contemporary, unusual colours and I push myself with every piece to be daring and interesting.

Have your children inherited your interest and talents? 

Yes, both of my children absolutely love art and show real promise. They look forward to art at school each week and go to art classes on Saturdays with Red Robin Art locally. On holiday they will take their watercolour paints and paint landscapes ‘en plein air’! I have to admit I do not join them, as I am taking a break!

You can learn more about Nadia’s work here:


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