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Where does England Rugby go from here?

Where does England Rugby go from here?

England in the 2024 Six Nations, so far, have been wallowing in a muddy pit of mediocrity, having scraped by both Italy and Wales in the first two rounds, only to be thwarted by Scotland yet again in this year’s contest for the Calcutta Cup. 

Coming off another loss to Scotland is then the daunting prospect of facing the big, green, beast that is Ireland in their next fixture. This means England will have to dig deep to improve their standings in the tournament and demonstrate their resilience and capability on the international stage.

Bringing Their A-Game

Amidst these challenges, however, there’s a glimmer of hope and potential seen in the performance of England’s A side, which secured a dominant 91-5 victory over Portugal at Welford Road, Leicester. 

This match not only showcased the depth of talent within England’s rugby setup but also highlighted several young players who could be pivotal for the England XV squad in the near future.

The victory over Portugal was a testament to the potential waiting in the wings, with players like Jamie Blamire, Nick Isiewke, Tom Pearson, Harry Randall, and Ollie Hassell-Collins making significant contributions. 

A New England?

Their performances have sparked discussions about the integration of these talents into the senior squad, providing fresh energy and skill that could be crucial for England’s aspirations in the Six Nations and beyond.

England fans were offered a glimpse into what the emerging new talent can offer in the form of 

Manny Feyi-Waboso, who came on in the second-half, scored a try for England, and looked exciting in a white shirt. 

Monye Talks

Ugo Monye, former England star and pundit, suggested the England jersey seems to be “weighing heavy” on the players following their defeat. He pointed out that England’s performance might necessitate an evolution in their coaching approach to match the progression of international rugby. 

Monye also talked of a gap between England’s potential, based on their world ranking, and the actual on-field execution, indicating a need for strategic and philosophical shifts within the team​​.

The Road Ahead

As England prepares to face Ireland, the focus is not just on overcoming a formidable opponent but also on laying down a marker for the rest of the tournament and beyond. The integration of emerging talents from the A side could provide the spark England needs to turn their fortunes around. 

With the support of the Twickenham crowd and a strategy that harnesses both experience and new potential, England aims to reassert itself as a force to be reckoned with in international rugby.


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