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1200 bricks will make up the wall with the names of supporters


Supporters paid £100 to have a brick named after them


Named bricks are separated to allow them to ‘shine’
Spot your name on the wall of ‘fame’
Is your name in the frame?


The wall of personalised bricks is being built at the new Park Lane Stables in Park Lane, Teddington, it was revealed today.

Last month 1,200 personalised bricks arrived on site ready to become part of the fabric of the new building forever.

Owner and founder Natalie O’Rourke quickly spotted her Dad’s brick in this photo – ‘He’s our most stoic supporter of all,’ said Natalie. (his brick is circled in red))

Is yours here too?

Personalised bricks were made available for £100 each.

Behind the street hoarding, architect Sam Kamleh and foreman Krystian are overseeing the building of the wall by four brickies.

Our exclusive photo shows some bricks already in place, and the next course shown ready to be added (top of the photo).

Named bricks are alternating with plain ones so that each one is given space to shine.

The original wall was found to have no foundations, so has been rebuilt. Windows have been ordered, veluxes are in position in what will be the stunning new reception area, and stable frontages are due in the next few weeks.

Natalie said: “Seeing the stables take shape will be another exciting milestone!

“We’d like to say a huge thank you again to all of you who believed in us, supported us, and made this possible. We’d also like to thank those generous people still enquiring about named bricks. The limited run of 1,200 were all made to order ahead of the build starting, and much as we’d like to offer more, this isn’t possible.”

It is hoped the work will be completed by the end of May when the Stables will finally return to its traditional home in Teddington.



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