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Salvador has gone missing in Richmond Park
Tortoise wandered off into a dead tree
Salvador loves nature
BY LATESHA CHILD as told on X (formerly Twitter)
MISSING TORTOISE 🐢 Salvador. Hello, I took my tortoise to Richmond park on March 22nd (Broomfield Hill wood part of the park)
I’ve always taken him out for a walk as I live in a flat and he loves to be in nature. Before I could catch him Salvador wondered off inside this dead tree and I couldn’t reach to get him out and we have not seen him since.
There were a couple of holes blocked with wood so I left them there hoping to get him out and that he wouldn’t escape. I’ve used a selfie stick to see inside but no luck and have left food but it hasn’t been eaten.
Richmond Park have kindly used their tree team and have checked with a little camera but again no luck.
So if you ever find or hear of a tortoise found in Richmond Park please could you contact them and let them know they have my details and will pass it on. 0300 061 2201
He did go missing 2 years ago on the 19th of March for 2 months and lucky we got him back.
And lastly if you do see this post please could you send him Love ❤️ Thank you


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