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Park visitors filmed trying to remove antlers

The Royal Parks police has received shocking reports of park visitors to Richmond Park approaching deer and trying to remove their antlers, it was revealed today.

According to the police “video footage of these incidents has been obtained.”

A spokesperson said: We have received reports of concerning behaviour in Richmond Park over the weekend, where park users have been observed approaching the deer and attempting to remove their antlers.”

The deer cast their antlers each year and grow new ones.

The spokesperson added:” However instead of allowing their old antlers to fall off naturally, some people are taking hold of them and trying to force them off, which is distressing for the deer and also a criminal offence.”

Park Manager for Richmond Park, Paul Richards, said: “We were highly concerned by the reports of a visitor approaching and taking hold of the antlers of a deer in Richmond Park over the weekend.

“This is extremely dangerous behaviour and could lead to serious injury to the visitor, as well as distressing and harming the deer.

“We remind all park visitors that for your safety, and to protect the deer, you should always keep at least 50 metres away from deer and must not touch, feed, or attempt to photograph deer at close range.”


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