9 Pastel Shades to Consider for Your Nursery Design

Decorating a nursery is one of the most exciting parts of preparing for a new baby. Pastel shades are a classic choice to create a soothing, peaceful environment for baby. Here are nine beautiful pastel colours perfect for any nursery design.

1. Dusty Rose

This dusky pink-lilac mix is more muted than a standard pink, but it is just as calming and sweet. Dusty rose offers colour without going too bold. The versatility of dusty rose allows it to work in any style of nursery. Try pairing it with sages, teals, or deep greys for contrast. The dusty rose colour code can include HEX #CBAACB, RGB 204,170,203, and CMYK 0,17,6,20. Paint options include Behr’s Candlelight and Sherwin-Williams’ Craft Beige.

2. Mint Green

Mint green is a soft, cool tone that brings to mind new beginnings. It’s crisp and refreshing, with just enough brightness to keep a nursery feeling uplifting. Mint works well with other pale greens, blues, and violets. It’s gender-neutral and pairs nicely with white for a classic, clean look. When shopping for mint paint, look for light and airy shades like Behr’s Pale Springs or Benjamin Moore’s Raindrops.

3. Buttercream

For a warm, cosy nursery, consider a buttery yellow shade. Buttercream evokes sunshine and cheer. It’s a versatile background colour that works equally well for boys or girls. Pair buttercream walls with white trim and furniture for a fresh, bright nursery. Or complement it with other pale yellow accents and pastel rainbow colours. Paint options in this palette include Behr’s Banana Cream and Valspar’s Butter Yellow.

4. Lavender

The calming properties of lavender are ideal for inducing sleep and relaxation in a nursery space. Lavender reads as a soft, feminine shade but works nicely as a unisex nursery colour. Pair lavender walls with white furniture, bedding in white and pale purple, and touches of green or peach for contrast. When selecting a lavender paint, stay light and subdued. Two great options are Valspar’s Lavender Blossom or Sherwin-Williams’ Lilac Blossom.

5. Sky Blue

For a dreamy, cloud-like nursery, look to soft sky-blue hues. These light blue tones are subtle but still colourful. Sky blue is a timeless shade perfect for either a baby boy or girl. Decorating with white trims and accessories will keep sky blue feeling light and bright. Accent with other pale blues, greys, greens or yellows. Two recommended sky blue paint colours are Behr’s Daydream and Benjamin Moore’s Baby’s Breath.

6. Blush Pink

Nothing evokes the delicateness of a new baby girl quite like a blush pink nursery. But modern takes on pink have an elegant, sophisticated style perfect for any gender. Blush pink reads as a neutral background colour, allowing you to decorate with pops of colour. Opt for a muted pink without too much saturation. Complement blush pink walls with white, camel, or sage accents. Two great blush paint picks are Valspar’s Blushing Peach and Sherwin-Williams’ Craft Beige.

7. Pale Yellow

For a bright, cheerful nursery, pale yellow is a wonderful option. With just a hint of golden colour, pale yellow feels warm and uplifting. It’s a gender-friendly shade that pairs easily with greens, blues, browns, and violets. Pale yellow allows you to get creative and playful with accent colours and patterns. Two pale yellow recommendations are Behr’s Sunbeam and Benjamin Moore’s Lemon Chiffon. Keep the space feeling soft by opting for a low-saturation shade.

8. Robin’s Egg Blue

A playful take on traditional blue, robin’s egg blue adds a pop of colour while still feeling sweet and demure. This pastel aqua reads as a “cool” tone but is still soft enough for a nursery palette. Accent robin’s egg walls with neutral whites and beiges, or complement them with chocolate browns, pale greens, and other light blues. Valspar’s Robin Blue and Benjamin Moore’s Grand Canal are two inviting robin’s egg paint options.

9. Seafoam Green

For a soothing, ocean-inspired nursery, try a soft seafoam green. This pale aqua-green is gentle and relaxing. It works well in coastal, cottage, or woodland-themed nurseries. Pair seafoam walls with neutral creams and whites, along with touches of deeper blues and greens for contrast. Seafoam green evokes thoughts of waves and water, perfect for lulling a baby to sleep. Consider Behr’s Surf Green or Benjamin Moore’s Ocean Air for a delicate seafoam green paint selection.

With any pastel paint shade, opt for a low-sheen, zero-VOC formula that will hold up well and remain safe in a nursery environment. Matte or eggshell finishes are good options. Always sample paint colours on the wall before fully committing. Have fun designing a peaceful, inspiring nursery with these beautiful pastel shades!


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