Pros and Cons of Faux Flowers for Wedding Decoration

Floral decoration for weddings has been in trend for years. People are trying to get high-quality fresh wedding flowers to take their wedding decoration games to a new level. In London Be My Flower has been a top option for new couples to source wedding flowers. However, fresh flowers have a significant environmental impact because they usually end up in landfills after the wedding. 

Therefore, many eco-conscious people are now switching to faux flowers which have their perks and disadvantages. This blog post is about the pros and cons of using faux flowers as wedding flowers. Let’s get started to learn more about it.

Are Faux Flowers a Good Choice for the Wedding Decor

The trend of opting for faux flowers is growing. Here are the reasons for choosing artificial flowers for the wedding decoration and the different aspects that will let you make your choice.

  • Cost Effectiveness

Cost-effectiveness is a major factor in considering faux flowers as an alternative to fresh flowers. Where the fresh flowers come in the range of a few hundred to several thousand, you can buy faux flowers like silk flowers and sola wood flowers at 50% less. Moreover, if you choose to rent the flowers over buying them, it will be a major relief to your wedding budget helping you to save at least 70% from your wedding flowers budget.

  • Durability of Faux Flowers

Are you planning to organize an outdoor wedding? Fresh flowers can cause a major issue there as they cannot last longer in the harsh environment. Durability is the key aspect of the flowers which is due to their instinctive resistance to the impact of sunlight. Moreover, they are still good to use after the wedding and you can resell them for promoting reuse. 

  • Environmental-Friendly Option

Artificial flowers come in various varieties but we suggest you choose the eco-safe options like sola wood flowers that are sourced from the roots of a sustainable plant. Hence, the environmental impact of these faux flowers is less stressed than the traditional plastic flowers which have been a source of causing plastic pollution in land and water. Furthermore, no inorganic farming or international transportation is a part of sourcing faux flowers which means less carbon emission.

  • Easy to Manage Options

Your wedding plans can face a major setback if your favorite flowers are out of season. However, this is not the issue with the faux flowers where you can get tons of options to match your wedding theme around the year. Moreover, they are easy to care for as unlike fresh flowers, faux flowers do not have any special water, feed, or handling checklist. 

  • No Pollen, No Allergies

Even if you are not allergic to your fresh wedding flowers, there is a high probability of the presence of a bunch of people who are allergic to the scent or pollen from fresh flowers. Thus, it can cause discomfort in the gathering. On the other hand, faux flowers have no instinctive fragrance and no pollen, thus no potential of triggering any allergies. You can add some natural scents using essential oils but it is completely up to you. 

  • Quality of Faux Flowers

The quality of the faux flowers is dependent on how much you can spend on the decorative flowers. However, we will suggest you choose at least moderately good-quality eco-friendly faux flowers to save the earth from damage. Make a deal with the top-rated members who will suggest suitable and high-quality faux flowers for your wedding decor.

Final Words

In conclusion, the faux flowers are a good choice to be used for wedding decoration. The only drawback that I have felt with the faux flowers is that they don’t vibe like fresh flowers. However, flowers from flowerdelivery.org.uk can get you at least similar vibes with their amazing quality.


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