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Azara Gardens deliver a seamless blend of bespoke garden design and quality external construction.

Our highly experienced team provides services including professional layout & planting plans, hard and soft landscaping and tailored maintenance programmes. Our passion is to create stylish, functional and unique gardens that fit the individual lifestyle of our client.

Twitter: @AzaraGardens
Facebook: AzaraGardens
Tel: 07460 847432

Ben Margrie and Iveta Vinsova formed Azara Gardens in 2014. Iveta has successfully completed a diploma in garden design and holds a CAD software certificate from Capel Manor College, London. She has extensive plant knowledge and enjoys creating stylish and functional garden plans based on sound design principles.

Ben has been part of the landscape industry for over ten years. He has acquired extensive range of experience working on many prestigious projects in London. He is responsible for the day-to-day management of projects and is focused on delivering a high standard of service to our clients.

White front of house stairs by Azara Gardens
Purple flowers in garden by Azara Gardens
Outside garden patio by Azara Gardens
Green plants in the sunshine by Azara Gardens

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