Autism Spectrum Disorder and Anxiety


11:00 - 13:30



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Content: comparison of anxiety in autistic people vs neurotypical people emotional understanding and regulation CBT
strategies for managing anxiety in day to day life.

This event meets Continuous Professional Development criteria at an intermediate level. Certificates can be provided after the event, upon request.

individuals on the spectrum
parents and families
teachers and other professionals

In the past, we have had teenagers come to this workshop, who really enjoyed it and participated in the interactive elements.

This workshop is just as relevant to boys as girls.

“It is the first time my son has ever been able to attend an ASD event of any kind and could relate to so much. He came away understanding so much more about himself. Thank you!”
“Very well structured. Clarity of information. “Straight to the point” way of delivering information made easy for our daughter to follow & understand. Alis’s willingness to share her own feelings made the whole session very meaningful & personal, many thanks!”
“I loved the fact that the whole presentation is delivered from both the NT and ASD perspective, really helps a person on the spectrum to see where their experience may differ from the ‘norm’. This also helps to see why it’s so important to be able to explain the difficulties you may experience – as NT’s may not realise/understand.”
“I went to this workshop and it was AMAZING! Very thought provoking and useful. Thanks so much.”
“This workshop was a good reminder of how hard my sons find life every single day. It’s so easy to forget how challenging the world is for them because they ‘look’ fine. I got so much out of it – thank you!”

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