Barre&Baby – dance for Mums & Babies and Pregnant

Barre&Baby - dance for Mums & Babies and Pregnant


10:00 - 11:00

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Barre&Baby is a gentle movement and dance class with the foundation of barre exercises, enriched with modern and latino dance styles.

The movement and exercises are specifically adapted to strengthen, realign and nurture the pregnant / post partum body.

The class is suitable for Pregnant ladies as from 12 weeks of pregnancy and mums as of 6 weeks after giving birth, after being checked up and cleared by the doctor.

Everyone is welcome and no previous dance experience is required.

During this class, you will get involved in choreographed and improvisation exercises with an aim to connect to yourself and your little one while embracing the music and exploring the space.

This connection enables you to strengthen your core, restore your sense of balance, and improve your posture.

While carried, your baby strengthen his/her muscles to hold the balance, encouraging proprioceptive and sensorial development and learning.

Join me every Tuesday from April 16th till May 22st, 10am-11am, at Teddington Dance Studio.