INDIGO GIRLS: It’s Only Life After All

INDIGO GIRLS: It’s Only Life After All


20:00 - 22:00

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Known for stirring harmonies and socially conscious lyrics, iconic folk rock duo Indigo Girls are the subject of this intimate and insightful brand new documentary that has just been released in the US, and which tracks their decades-long career.  We are the only UK venue to be screening this film!

An intimate look into the lives of one of the most iconic folk-rock bands in America – the Indigo Girls. With never-before-seen archival and intimate vérité the film dives into the songwriting and storytelling of the music that transformed a generation, and continues influence new generation with there influence in modern film and beyond. Just stick the top down and drive away (Barbie(2023).


There will be a LGBT drinks reception prior to the screening, brought to you in partnership with Out&Wild






The story of the classic lesbian duo the Indigo Girls is told with humour and heart, through a blend of archival material and camcorder footage shot by Amy Ray herself.
It’s the early 1990s. You’re queer, you’re closeted and the news is full of gay bashing. Who are you listening to on your Sony Walkman? The Indigo Girls! Amy Ray and Emily Saliers met in school and spent the next three decades breaking hearts and stirring souls with their raw lyrics and gorgeous harmonies. But things weren’t always as glamorous as they seemed, with misogyny, the religious right and other personal demons playing their part. New fans will be surprised by just how on the money the Indigo Girls remain, while old fans will enjoy singing along (‘I went to the doctor, I went to the mountains…’). This is country music at its queerest: big hair, big heart and a truck load of guitar.