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Hamilton 360 supplies many variations of 360-degree photography.

Marcus Hamilton is the only official Google Business Photographer in Teddington, producing virtual tours of shops, restaurants, pubs and other businesses, all linked to Google Maps, Google+ and Street View. Most shop premises in this area can be covered in an 8-panorama tour, costing just £280. Customers can see exactly how wonderful your interior looks, encouraging them to visit in person. All published online, forever, free of charge.

Hamilton 360 also have great experience of shooting bespoke 360-degree panoramas for use as interactive images on web sites. Everything from Power Stations to Superyachts have been covered so every last detail can be viewed on smart phones, tablets and any other screen. These panoramas can also be used in print and publicity material as stunning abstract views.

360-degree art prints are also available, printed on high quality archival paper.

Email: marcus@hamilton360.co.uk
Web: www.hamilton360.co.uk
Twitter: @360Marcus
Tel: 07768 854 222

Always available.

Marcus Hamilton has been photographing the world in 360-degrees since 2003. He qualified as a Google Trusted Photographer in 2012.

The Hamilton 360 ‘Owl’ logo originates from the myth that owls rotate their heads through 360 degrees. In fact, it is more like 270 degrees in each direction. So that’s Photography one, Owls nil then.

Hamilton 360 Art Gallery
Art Gallery

Luna Park by Hamilton 360
Luna Park

Norway by Hamilton 360

Power station by Hamilton 360
Power Station

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