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Deer birthing season in Bushy Park

Note from Jim at the Safer Parks Team Bushy Park:

“The deer in Bushy Park will be birthing very soon. Please look at the map attached. If in doubt, PLEASE keep your dog a on a lead.”

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information.
Thank you for your co-operation.
Jim pp Safer Parks Team Bushy Park

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Each year the deer give birth in these areas before the bracken growth is high – this cover is important to the deer that use it to hide their young. The lack of shelter will mean an anxious period for the mothers. Even if you haven’t experienced problems with your dog being near the deer previously, the deer tend to react badly to dogs during the birthing season.

** Several dogs have already been killed this season by deer due to this issue **

See also general guidance concerning dogs in the Royal Parks in general.


0 thoughts on “Deer birthing season in Bushy Park

  • Does this mean you will possibly video a deer birthing? I want to see such an extensive video.

  • The deer have begun to give birth here within the past week. I have seen one mother.


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