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Lost cat in Harrowdene Gardens

NewsThis is an appeal for a lost cat that has been living in the bushes between the path area between Harrowdene Gardens and Teddington Rail Station. Residents have been feeding the cat which is wearing a blue collar with a small bell, for the last few weeks as she appears to be without any owner.

If the cat is yours or you know who she belongs to, please contact us at so we can put you in touch with the concerned residents who are looking after her.


0 thoughts on “Lost cat in Harrowdene Gardens

  • Tina Gath

    I was just having a look through your website. It seems you have been very busy and it looks great! Many thanks for featuring the cat we found last August, we had no replies about her previous owners. I just thought I’d let you know Maisie is very well and happy. We adopted her and she is the most lovely cat ever!!! I always wonder where she came from and if someone is missing her. But, she is happy so I suppose it is ok.
    Thanks again and good work on Teddington Town!!
    Tina,Tony and Maisie.

  • tteditor

    Thanks for the nice feedback Tina. It’s sad that the original owners didn’t come forward but sounds like she had a happy ending anyway!



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